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HP's Affordable Quad Core Desktop With Gesture Controls

Monday April 14, 2014
Image Courtesy HP Inc.

HP's ENVY desktops used to be their very high end performance systems. The brand has slowly slid down in price and become of more general performance rather than a gaming focused computer. Now the company is trying to extend its reach for computing possibilities by integrating the Leap Motion controllers into the product lineup. This certainly gives it a distinct feature from other desktop systems but is it necessarily something that the average user is going to want or need in their PC? Find out more in my review of the HP ENVY 700-230 desktop computer that can be found for under $800.

Velocity Micro Support Profile

Sunday April 13, 2014

Velocity Micro is a fairly well known systems integrator that custom builds personal computer systems, laptops and servers from parts according to the consumer. They have a reputation for well built systems based on high quality components. Even with this, there are times that buyers might need some help. So, what exactly does Velocity Micro offer in terms of support? Find out in my support profile.

Included in the profile I list the various avenues that users have for support, tips and advice. In addition, I'm posting a survey below and in the profile asking users for their opinion of Velocity Micro. If you have used their support and would like to let others know of their experiences for better or worse, please feel free to share your experience.

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Guide To Laptop Size And Weight

Saturday April 12, 2014

Laptops come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes. They can range as small as a thin ultrabook that weighs around two pounds all the way up to the behemoth that should be a desktop computer often referred to as a luggable because it is so big you won't be carrying it frequently. Each of these portable computers has a specific role and offer very different experiences to the users that buy them. Because of this, it is important to understand how the size and weight of a laptop computer will play in your selection of the right type of laptop for you.

A Low Cost Preconfigured Gaming Desktop From Digital Storm

Friday April 11, 2014
Digital Storm Vanquish II
Image Courtesy Digital Storm

Digital Storm is company that is known for its high performance customizable gaming systems. In order to draw more customers, they have released their Vanquish desktop systems. These differ from their other offerings because they are much more affordable but also constrained to a specific hardware setup that customers don't have any options to customize. The system is still designed for gaming but does it offer enough performance for this task even with its low price tag? Find out in my review of the Digital Storm Vanquish II better preconfigured gaming desktop setup.

Cyberpower's Prebuild AMD Based Gaming Desktop For Under $900

Wednesday April 9, 2014
Cyberpower Gamer Ultra GU2190
Image Courtesy CyberpowerPC

AMD has generally been known as a company that provides more value or budget oriented products. In the past couple of years, their graphics solutions have become extremely popular but more for than just gaming. Cyberpower has decided to put together a prebuilt desktop system for around $900 that features an AMD processor and graphics card that is design as a low cost gaming system. Does this solution offer enough performance for those that want to game on a budget or is it better suited to other tasks? Find out in my review of the Cyberpower Gamer Ultra GU2190 gaming desktop.

Affordable AMD Based Gaming Desktop From Avatar

Monday April 7, 2014
Avatar Gaming A10-7876
Image Courtesy Avatar USA

I recently posted a list of parts that one could buy to build their own low cost gaming system for around $750. This is a task that many people are capable of doing but they may not have the time or want to learn how to do it. For them, there are companies such as Avatar that allow people to buy prebuilt systems for not much more than it would cost to put together your own. Such is the case with the A10-7876 which is based around the more affordable AMD A10 processor, but does it have enough performance for PC gaming at resolutions such as 1920x1080? Find out in my review of the Avatar Gaming A10-7876 low cost gaming desktop.

Toshiba Support Profile

Sunday April 6, 2014

Toshiba has been one of the biggest companies when it comes to portable computers. They have been producing notebooks over the past twenty years and have made many major technology introductions. Now they have expanded their computer lineup with tablets and even all-in-one desktops. It even produces its new KIRA premium computer lineup that includes a Platinum service level. Even with all this experience, products are bound to encounter issues. With this in mind, I take a look at what Toshiba offers in terms of product support.

Included in the profile I list the various avenues that users have for support, some published ratings of the their product support, tips and advice. In addition, I'm posting a survey below and in the profile asking users for their opinion of Toshiba. If you have used their support and would like to let others know of their experiences for better or worse, please feel free to share your experience.

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Guide To Tablet PC Size And Weight

Saturday April 5, 2014
Dell Venue 8 Pro
Image Courtesy Dell

Tablets are extremely hot right now both with manufacturers and consumers. They are smaller and lighter than traditional laptops but still provide users with many of the basic tasks they need a portable computer for. Even within the tablet market, there is a wide range of sizes and weights available. Some may be smaller and lighter which is great for traveling but have the drawback of being a bit more difficult to use. Others might be almost as big as a traditional laptop because that is essentially what they are but without the keyboard. Because of this, I've put together a guide to tablet PC size and weight to help consumers look at the different physical attributes of the tablets to help them in picking out the right tablet for their needs.

ASUS Tries Their Hand With a Gaming Desktop PC

Friday April 4, 2014
Image Courtesy ASUSTeK

ASUS is a pretty well known name for those that build their own computers thanks to their high quality and performance components. Those who like mobile gaming also enjoy their affordable but very capable laptop computers. When it comes to desktop systems though, the company has not had as much luck. Much of this is probably because their prime audience already builds their own computers from ASUS parts. Can the company make a solid performing gaming desktop system that is as affordable as building one on your own or buying one from another brand? Find out in my review of the ASUS G10AC-US010S gaming desktop.

Acer's Revised Gaming Desktop Priced Under $1000

Wednesday April 2, 2014
Acer Predator G3 Desktop
Image Courtesy Acer

Acer's previous attempts at making an affordable PC gaming systems came up a bit short in the graphics department which is one of the most important parts for gaming. The company has since revised its Predator G3 desktop lineup to still keep the prices below $1000 but improve its graphics performance. Obviously it is not going to offer as much as a high end desktop gaming experience but is it enough to make a solid choice for a PC gaming desktop capable of 1920x1080 priced under $1000? Find out in my review of the Acer Predator G3 gaming desktop.

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