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HP's Updated Elite Desktop Media Center

By August 8, 2008

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HP Pavilion Elite m9350f Desktop PC
Image Courtesy HP Inc.

HP's Pavilion Elite series of desktop computers were developed as a merging of performance desktop PCs and their media centers. They incorporated features that made them suitable as a general purpose system or for a recording and playback of audio and music. There were a number of issues with the initial models release that the company has tried to address in their latest version. Find out if they truly improved upon their elite PCs in my latest review.

September 28, 2008 at 11:52 pm
(1) CLIF says:

Bought this about the time you psted your article. August.Have ran system recovery from partition twice. Four times from recovery disc (man am I glad made them). have run all updates, including system bios. I have spent hours about five nights a week since purchase chasing various “fixes” from any source I can find. Hangs, slower that the computer it replaced, slows to the point it wont accept commands, usb ports work when they want to, internet very slow and sometimes just stalls, complete nightmare. I am taking it back.

June 11, 2009 at 9:47 pm
(2) angel01 says:

A nightmare, computer slows down until it is imposible to do anything except a system restore from the DVD. Then works fine for 1 or 2 weeks and sudently slows down again. I have tried everything, talk for more than 20 hours with customer service without getting any real help. I have change the configuration to RAID 0 and it has help a little. Please, do not buy this computer!!!

May 29, 2010 at 11:33 pm
(3) Aerin says:

I bought one of these a while back (regretfully), and had the same problems. There is no way that HP could not have known about these issues and their failure to address / acknowledge them in any way has resulted in my decision to never buy from them again. It’s funny that this computer was well reviewed on all the more visible sites (at least at the time I bought it). Even here it still has 4/5. Really?

For those who do have one – best ‘fix’ that I have found is just to leave it on for long periods of time to try and let it digest whatever the hell it’s working on in the background. It seems to have something to do with updates – once it’s done doing whatever it’s doing the slowdown disappears. You actually *don’t* want to restore it for this reason.

But as others have mentioned (and not sure it’s possible because this model is discontinued to my knowledge), don’t buy this thing. Worst deal I’ve ever gotten.

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