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By December 15, 2013

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Dell is one of the largest computer companies in the world and is considered a bell weather for the tech industry as a whole. Because it is one of the largest computer companies, it also has one of the largest support groups as well. But having a large support group doesn't necessarily translate into the best overall tech experience. Find out what type of support Dell offers for their customers.

Included in the profile are various avenues that users have for support, some published ratings of the their product support, tips and advice. In addition to this information, I have also added a poll so that readers can share their opinion of the company's support. If you have used their support and would like to let others know of their experiences for better or worse, please vote in the survey and share your experience.

How would you rate Dell's support?

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January 5, 2007 at 4:53 pm
(1) compreviews says:

There is one incident that I would like to refer to with Dell support I had personally. My wife had a Dell Inspiron notebook years ago now and it was having problems with the LCD going blank at times. When she called in, she was on hold for about 40 minutes without getting help. I knew this was wrong so got her info to call in again.

Well, I called in and input her customer ID and service tag and got someone within 10 minutes while she was still on hold. Turns out that by me putting in her info at the start of the call put me in priority for the call queue. So be sure to get your info before calling!

January 5, 2007 at 7:30 pm
(2) Jenny says:

I manage the IT department at a healthcare facility. We have approximately 150+ Dell computers and have had very few problems. My staff is capable of handling computer problems but we call Dell if there are issues in order to get the correct parts. We have always had prompt, courteous service from tech support. There have been times we have been on hold for an extended period of time but we can usually use the speaker phone and work on other tasks. I’m not happy with Dell’s on-site support in our area so we have the parts delivered and do the intallations/repairs ourselves. I’m sure if we were located in a metropolitan area instead of rural the service techs would be more experienced.

January 5, 2007 at 10:21 pm
(3) Stephen Martin says:

I have several clients with Dell PC’s. If I have ever needed to call Dell Support, it would turn into half a day bouncing from department to department looking for the correct one. At any given time I would be on hold. My average hold time per transfer, would be about 15-20 minutes. One of the worse things about Dell support is their inability to speak clearly. Love Dell PC’s since the problems and few and far, hate calling support for any reason.

January 10, 2007 at 11:44 am
(4) Kent Howard says:

Dell makes excellent PCs. Pray that you never need to call for ANYTHING! Corporate customers get better treatment, but home customers deal with people from India that are reading from a script. It took me literally 2 hours to convince a support robot that my aunt’s CD drive on her new machine wouldn’t open. It was groaning and clicking, but wouldn’t open. I had to walk through his steps of checking to see if the PC was plugged in. (How did it groan and click if the PC wasn’t plugged in) After 2 hours of checking to see if the drive was connected, if the power cord to the drive was tight, and a bucket full of other stupid questions, he finally agreed that the drive was defective and had someone come and install another one. If you ever need to call, get ready for one frustration after another. I recommended Dell to several family members, and I’m typing on a Dell, but never again….

January 10, 2007 at 12:21 pm
(5) Sue says:

I’ve had good Dell support experiences for a laster printer and a PDA, but I don’t think I have ever had to use Dell support for a computer. One thing I find helpful when dealing with Dell, is to use online chat support if it is available for your product. That way you don’t have to deal with waiting on hold and trying to understand a heavy accent. It also helps to check Dell’s web site to see if there is an online troubleshooter for your problem. Then you can follow the steps of the online troubleshooter on your own, before you talk to a tech, and if you tell them you already did that and it didn’t solve the problem, they will probably accept that and not make you do the round of troubleshooting steps again over the phone. At least that was the case when I had a problems with my printer. Once I did that, I was transferred to the next level of support where they arranged for someone to come replace the bad part on my printer. In the case of my PDA, the entire exchange was done via chat with a next day replacement.

August 5, 2007 at 3:33 pm
(6) SAD says:

Some years ago, I found Dell Support to be quick and helpful. When I recently had a problem (DVD drive) that required a home visit, it was quickly organized and executed.

HOWEVER, when I have had a problem that cannot be resolved via a “script”, then the problem cannot be resolved until you start the process of taking legal action. For example, I had an extrnal hard disk that arrived faulty. They promised a replacement (as per script), but they never delivered. I later found out they canceled the replacement because of quality problems with the drive. BUT, no-one thought to tell me this! Now I was not on the “script” and no-one could help. I had MANY Problem Numbers, MANY phone calls, MANY people transfer me to someone who didn’t pick up the phone, MANY people who just promised to get a Manager to call back (but they never ever did, not once). I was only able to get action when I sent a dozen e-mails (via Outlook and online forms) asking for their physical address so that I could take them to Small Claims Court. At that point, I got an e-mail saying I would get the refund that some of the people I had spoken to had said should be possible. The follow-up thta was promised again did not arrive, but the money did get refunded.

If you use Dell and all goes well, you will be very happy. My color laser, many of my Dell PCs, my LCD monitors, they have all been good and trouble-free.

But…if something goes wrong…they have effectively dismantled their entire Support operation for any problem more complex than an 8-year old can understand.

PART of the problem is that so many people know so little about their PCs that they hog the lines with numbskull queries that have nothing do with their PCs, but more to do with Windows and Internet Explorer issues.

PART of the problem is that the oursourcing and shutting down of most local operations means skilled customers have no-one at all they can EVER reach.

Not only is that sad, it provides a business opportunity for other companies. Dell will undoubtedly lose market share over coming years.

November 7, 2007 at 12:59 am
(7) Sara Sandidge says:

Dell has the worst support system I have ever tried to contact. There is no way you can get to Dell about a problem. All you get is the run around. I will never ever purchase another Dell product, ever. I have problems with my printer Photo 924 and cannot get through to anyone at Dell regarding these problems. I am going to throw it away and buy something else.

August 24, 2008 at 11:20 am
(8) sbrrymom says:

DELL SUPPORT STINKS – 30 hours on hold, 6 long chat sessions, CHAT DROPPED ME BEFORE QUESTIONS WERE ANSWERED 4 OF 6 TIMES AND I HAD TO START ALL OVER AGAIN. 7 days and counting and I still do not have a functioning laptop. Parts sent to vendor 1, dispatch sent to vendor 2 and I was told to call vendor 3 when no one called me to schedule appointment and vendor 3 was clueless. I have Complete Care Warranty with Next Business Day Service (NOT)

October 1, 2008 at 9:13 am
(9) william johnston says:

i own a dell e520 bought a year ago nothing but problems, this is my second dimension. customer service is dreadful tech support is awful the staff are hard to understand. i needed a replacement hard drive they asked if i could fit it i said no i have paid for warranty, the old saying is why have a dog and bark yourself. i also needed a new dvd burner, they sent one out. they sent me the vista upgrade and it went all wrong and wrecked my pc they charged me 45.00 i dont have my restore to factory settings as it went with my hard drive all in all a terrible experience and the last dell i will ever own i will buy local where you can at least talk to someone who speaks my language and not spend a fortune on the phone to be told each time its a software problem when a hard drive packs in never again

December 22, 2008 at 10:37 pm
(10) Mel Adjusted says:

I would never recommend the technical support by phone. It is a given that you will require and extended time on the phone with technicians in India. I can accept that even though I am charged for that unpleasant experience. However, you will repeatedly be asked for the order number, service tag, name, phone number and email (multiple times during each call whenever someone new comes on the phone), there will not be a log of your complaint so you will be asked to repeat the issue of concern repeatedly, and you will only be given information contained on a script. I was unable to boot my laptop and they insisted that I needed to completely re-install windows (even though the error message suggested that a repair or restoration function was possible with the reinstallation disk). In fact, the Dell Windows Reinstallation disk included a program for Recovery of corrupt boot files. The technicians knew nothing of this option and I stumbled on the “Recovery Consule” after I had resigned to completely re-install Windows myself and lose all my files. In actuality, the Recovery program preserved my files and allowed the computer to re-boot normally. No thanks to the Dell Support Team.

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