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By February 9, 2014

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Lenovo is one of the fastest growing computer companies on the market thanks to both their corporate and consumer product lineups. With their expansion into tablets and mobile phones, the company has created a new support portal for those products rather than lumping them in with the PCs as they did in the past. They are generally rated one of the better support companies when it comes to corporate computers, but what about consumers? Find out what Lenovo offers customers in terms of support for their products in my profile.

Included in the profile I list the various avenues that users have for support, some published ratings of the their product support, tips and advice. In addition, I have a survey for readers to post their opinion of Lenovo's support. If you have used their support and would like to let others know of their experiences for better or worse, please feel free to share your experience.

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September 4, 2007 at 4:11 pm
(1) Benjamin says:

I had the worst experience with Lenovo I’ve ever had with a computer company. I am starting a business and believe VERY strongly in the IBM name brand… there’s very little background programs running (whereas with Sony & Toshiba they install a whole suite of them!), they’re fast, durable, and priced INCREDIBLY reasonably.

However, I tried to order a computer back in June (it is now September). We kept getting emails that the “Shipment Date” was moved back, week after week after week, the shipment date got moved back. Finally it took so long that my credit card expired (and the updated expiration date didn’t match with their numbers). So at the beginning of August (3 months after we placed our order), they cancelled our order!

We spoke to someone in sales (by the way, whether you speak to Sales, Support, or Technical Support, EXPECT to wait on the phone for at least 20 minutes…. It’s pitiful). He told us that this new machine (configured almost the EXACT same as our other) was actually in STOCK, so it would ship out the next business day. Therefore, we should have it by the 24th of August. The 24th came and went, we asked to speak to managers, who were supposed to call us back 24-48 hours later (never happened).

Needless to say, it’s the 4th of September, the shipment date has been pushed back AGAIN! We’re just cancelling our order (and oh, by the way, they’re STILL trying to charge us a 15% re-stocking fee… ridiculous). I like to think that international business has the capacity to benefit ALL parties, but the Lenovo purchase of IBM is about the worst thing that’s happened to the computer industry.

October 29, 2007 at 11:46 am
(2) David says:

I purchased a IBM Thinkpad Z61M, new in box, from eBay. When I recieved it the modem did not work. I went to the IBM/Lenovo support site (IBM Electronic Service Call) by Googling “IBM ESC” and filled out a service request for the bad modem. Within 4 hours I was called directly and after explaining the problem they overnighted me a new modem card. The modem card did not fix the problem. I filled out another service request and within 15 minutes I recieved a phone call from support. They said they needed to replace the system board. The next day I recieved a padded box with prepaid return label. I put the laptop in the box and it was picked up on Monday. I tracked the progress through their EZ Serv website and the fixed laptop was returned good as new by Thursday. I was amazed. No where else have I ever seen service like that. This is my 3rd Thinkpad and will not be my last. Lenovo Service has set the standard for the industry without a doubt.

January 19, 2008 at 11:16 pm
(3) Anonymous says:

I bought a Lenovo V200 laptop. The brand new laptop was missing features promised. It didn’t have a built in bluetooth radio. It has a standard 640×480 camera though they promised a 1.3MP camera.

The tech support people are very rude. They just hang up when they do not know the answers to my questions. No matter what the problem is they ask you to send the laptop back. I am returning the laptop today and will never buy Lenovo again.

March 26, 2008 at 8:33 pm
(4) Irv says:

Purchased a loaded Lenovo T61P for use with Photoshop. Laptop arrived with WSXGA+ screen that had bad “screen door effect” and it could not be calibrated with a $2000 spectrophotometer. Sent it to Memphis depot for replacement of the bad Samsung LCD.

The laptop was gone for 8 days due to a lack of parts. It then got lost for a day on the way back.

The new screen is a total disaster. The LCD is in crooked, down on the left corner and up on the right. This leaves a thin light band on the upper left corner. There are three dead pixels at the bottom center, where the old screen had no dead pixels.

The worst thing is the light leakage. With the brightness turned all the way down and a blank screen saver, there is so much light leakage that the whole lower half of the screen looks brown instead of black.

Of course, Lenovo will not take this brand new laptop back without a 15% (over $225 for 1 day of true ownership).

I don’t what to do to get rid of this piece of junk without a major cost to me.

April 4, 2008 at 9:11 am
(5) Sununit says:

My experience with Lenovo left me with the impression that this Chinese corporation is run by a bunch of crooks with deceitful and corrupt business practices, no accountability toward customers, and utter disregard for the customers’ intelligence or satisfaction.
I ordered a Thinkpad but ordered the wrong model by accident on a Sunday, and could not reach customer service as I got a pre-recorded message stating that customer service is only available Mon-Fri for non-tech support issues, when I tried calling them. The next day (Monday morning) I was able to reach a customer service representative after being on hold for 18 min. I informed the customer service representative of the mistake that I had made and asked him to cancel my current order(it had been less than 24 hours since the order had been placed online) so that I could then go ahead and place the correct order after verifying that my current order had been canceled. The rep assured me that this was no problem and that my order was canceled immediately and then tried to subtly force me to place the new correct order with him over the phone right that minute. I politely declined (thank God).
Later during that same day upon checking my order status online, I noticed that my order was still active and ‘being processed’. At point I was confused and called customer service, informing them that I had called earlier and was told that my order had been cancelled. At this point I was transfered to ‘sales’ who informed me that A ‘notice’ for the order cancelation had been filed but it would take 24 hours for the order to be cancelled – ‘not to worry’.
The next morning (Tuesday) I received an email that the accessories that I had purchased for the Thinkpad had already shipped and upon checking online, I found that my order was still active and ‘being processed.’ Extremely frustrated I called Lenovo customer service and the customer service agent stated that my order was still active and being processed and he was not aware of any ‘notices entered to cancel the order’ and indeed that part of my order was already shipped to me.
Furious, I demanded that my order be cancelled at once and that I speak to his supervisor. I was then again transfered to a ‘sales’ agent who confirmed the active status of my order. And when I requested immediate cancellation and proof thereof, he stated that my order had been canceled and actually hung up on me part way through my follow up question for him regarding the return of my shipped parts.
I then checked my order status online and my thinkpad order was actually cancelled this time. It took the ‘sales’ agent 2 seconds to cancel the order – not a 24 hours with a ‘cancellation’ notice.
Despite being hung up on, I still had the partly shipped order return issue to resolve and called customer service again. This time I was told that I would not be charged for the part and to simply return the part back, however, I may be charged a 15% restocking fee for the accesory. Fed-up with the nonsense I quickly ended the conversation deciding to resolve the issue of the restocking fee with my AMEX credit card company which would be much more painless.
The following day a Lenovo ‘sales’ rep called me with a customer satisfaction survey about my experience. After informing them of my experience the rep sympathized with me and stated that he would ‘withdraw the shipment’ of the accessory part and cancel the restocking fee. He also left me his direct phone number with extension. A day later I noticed that my accessory was delivered to my door and my credit card was charged the full amount for it. On trying to contact the ‘sales rep’, I realized that he had left me with an invalid (false) contact number! Needless to say the follow-up ‘customer survey’ sales call is probably just ploy used by Lenovo to try to placate customers who they know they have tried to dupe…
Thus you see that my earlier statement against Lenovo is justified. Simply put Lenovo are remorseless, unethical liars. I wanted to purchase a Thinkpad because I have had 2 thinkpads in the past from IBM with excellent service and results. Lenovo is not IBM – I have family that have worked and continue to work for IBM and were appalled at hearing my plight with Lenovo. IBM service and support was great; Lenovo is a pitiful Chinese mockery – a shame to the Thinkpad name.

May 18, 2008 at 9:45 pm
(6) David Graves says:

I am using my fourth Thinkpad (T60.) My first interaction with Lenovo support leads me think this will be my last Thinkpad.

My system is out of warranty. I did a driver update and had some minor porblems and wanted Lenovo support to help clean up the system. Cost $69.00. Their sales department works business hours so one cannot just give a credit card over the website and pay for the service. “Delivery time” for the order is three days. I got an invoice but cannot figure out how to get their chat on the line as their web site loops backs to the sales area. The site says they offer 24×7 support but evidently the availability is only valid while the sales department is open.

I give Lenovo the WORST SERVICE award not for their ability to handle technical requests but for the skillful implementation of the sales prevention process on their website.

I also give poor marks to their engineering department. My daughter bought a T61 which she kept for one day. The 3.5mm speaker plug jack is on the front edge of the case so that if you plug in speakers the jack interferes with your left hand as you type. Incredibly bad design.

August 13, 2008 at 5:17 pm
(7) Marie says:

year old Lenovo think pad, reimaged 4x and hard drive replace. Now having problems with wireless, want me to send to depot again. I teach marketing at large univ and will use this as an example of poor customer service. That’s all i can do, asked for replacement since under warranty.

September 29, 2008 at 8:32 am
(8) Graham Hickman says:

Purchased 60 Lenovo R60 thinkpads for our school. They look good and the students like them.

After 1-2 weeks of use the usual kind of problems crop up. Wireless not working or a battery clip has come off as just two examples.

On the wireless issue they went around the houses looking for excuses as to why the wireless had stopped working (the other 59 with identical builds still worked). Then they said the unit had to be returned at our expense. Forget it.

The clip that fell off the battery lock, they decided was damage and was billable.

I have never experienced this attitude will either Dell or HP which we also use in the school and would recommend anyone looking at the whole package when purchasing laptops to reconsider using Lenovo’s. Their support is worse than bad.

November 23, 2008 at 1:43 am
(9) Carol says:

This is my 2nd Thinkpad. I bought it, as I really enjoyed the 1st one. I had reason to call for tech support. They told me to call Microsoft. I called Microsoft, they said that Lenovo made a deal with them, and they (Lenovo) are suppose to be my tech support. If I want to use Microsoft, they want to scam me for $60.00. I called Lenovo back, got a really rude person there, that still stood his ground, and said they are only able to help for hardware issues. Where does this leave the customer?? The problem was not a big one, more than that, my machine is only a month old. Lucky for me, I do know something about computers. Had I known that I would get the royal run around, I would have opted for a Mac. When I had my table top Mac, and I needed support, they were always there. Someone else stated it right “Lenovo, is not IBM”. I like the machine, an R6I1, but the support is none pathetic.

January 17, 2009 at 5:13 pm
(10) Lindsay Appleby says:

I have had a terrible experience with Lenovo. My new computer has been broken for 6 months and Lenovo have done little/nothing to fix it. I would advise anyone to steer well clear.

January 19, 2009 at 3:32 pm
(11) karen says:

Reading all these comments makes me sorry I just bought a Lenovo. I received the laptop in the time promised, but when it came the monitor was defective. I called customer support within a hour of receiving the laptop and proceeded to spend the entire day on the phone (mostly on hold) with tech support. They want the computer sent back for repair, although I am leaving the country and they can’t/won’t have it back to me before I leave. If I try to return it they insist they will charge the 15% restocking fee even though they sent a defective product! I too was promised return calls by managers as well as at home customer service last week, neither of which has happened. I’m still trying to resolve this before I leave the country, but won’t buy another Lenovo and will pass on to anyone I know buying a laptop not to purchase one from them either.

January 29, 2009 at 4:50 pm
(12) Lenovo Tech Support says:

First of all I’d like to mention that I am a Level 2 tech for Lenovo and I do support for UK and Ireland area out of Romania where they moved the call center for now.
I’d like to make a mention first of all for all of you people out there that have no clue how to use a computer in “year domini” 2009: GET A GOOD “FOR DUMMIES” BOOK BEFORE YOU START YOUR WHINNING!
Secondly, please -and I say it again-PLEASE-read your terms of warranty before you purchase anything! Lenovo sell their machines with various levels of warranty which also differ from model to model such as: the cheaper and most likely models to break down for good are the 3000N series-IF YOU DONT WANT PROBLEMS, JUST DONT BUY THE CHEAPEST MODEL FOR GOD’S SAKE! These cheap machines come with a year of PARTS and LABOR support which means that your machine is eligible to be repaired for free AT LENOVO REPAIR CENTER-DEPOT! Your machine is NOT eligible for PC Shop kind of support! Do not call us to ask HOW questions do not call us because your machine is slow (most likely has a virus), do not call us because you cannot connect your wireless or your modem doesnt ‘work’ before you even attempt to do a basic software troubleshooting-none of these petty software-related junk is included in your cheap-model warranty-DONT EVEN TRY!You support is HARDWARE ONLY!Got it?
If you want Lenovo tech support to cater to your every stupid whim, pay the $1000+ level of exclusive support (even for your $500 machine if your crazy enough) and I guarantee you-you’ll have the best support in the world but even this level only covers HARDWARE faults only.
So once again, these whinners out here that dont understand that they only get what they pay for-shut your holes and get a clue!
Oh, and one more thing: attempting to be a racist with support agents that have Eastern European accents wont get you anywhere. Too many stuck up people from UK call in and immediatelly after detecting an accent start being rude despite the fact that our techies have a few classes of education over the britts expensive (but useless) “higher” (perceived?) education. We’ll simply hang up on you and let you simmer in your own ignorance and stupidity. Sorry.

January 30, 2009 at 1:58 am
(13) Mike from Mich says:

DON’T BUT LENOVO THINKPADS!!!!!!! I thought I had bought (and a repeat buyer, 3) the top of the line laptop. Eleven months out of warranty my R50p won’t power up (internal,not power supply) and all I got out of tech support was we will send U a box and you send us $575.00.DON’T BUY, NEVER BUY, AND I AM ALL DONE WITH HIGH PRICED ($1600.00 FOR 4 YEARS) IBM’S.

February 3, 2009 at 6:35 am
(14) AC says:

My company is an IBM and Lenovo Business Partner. When it was IBM it was all good. Now Lenovo have taken over it is frankly diabolical.

Just one example of their stupidity – someone from their tech support department called me about an outstanding issue – they wanted to discuss the issue but they didn’t know the call reference number, so I had to call them back with it and they would tell me what was going on. How did they get my phone number to phone me if they didn’t know the call reference? So when I called them back with the reference, I was told that there was no news to report. So what the hell was the point of them calling me.

Frankly appalling – a real shame because the kit itself is good.

I am going to stop selling Lenovo kit and, depending on the level of their support, try Fujitsu Siemens. I am ever going to sell Lenovo servers, can you imagine what a problem it would be if a customer had a system-down emergency?

February 9, 2009 at 6:01 pm
(15) Ron says:

I think the attitude portrayed by “Lenovo Tech Support” (if it’s not a troll) really speaks volumes about not only the attitude of support technicians, but how Lenovo has purchased the ThinkPad line with the sole intention of running it into the ground.

I didn’t know the tech had an Eastern European accent from reading what he was writing. However, I decided he was very angry, impatient and beligerant because of his history of poor interaction with end users. This has nothing to do with his homeland. So, Tech Support Gentlemen…maybe people aren’t being racist because of your accent. They may have made the mistake of reading your personality and adjusting their attitude accordingly.

Yea, Lenovo has gone downhill, unfortunately. I really wanted to like them.

February 27, 2009 at 5:37 am
(16) Someone from the Support Center says:

I doubt that the person that post that comment is level 2 support. Level 2 support is in Greenock. Here in Romania there are only the agents and a small team of LTE’s that take care of the more severe cases. Either way while some ideas have some truth in them the way he/she expressed himself/herself is totally wrong. The problem is that for many customers (like the one in the earlier comments) a good level of support means having parts sent fast, which is not quite right. Here in Romania, the agents are trained to do things a little differently, more precisely sending parts just to keep the customer happy is not OK. The real goal of the support center is to fix the customer’s problem as fast as possible. Therefore rushed actions are not advised. I see here quite a few folks complaining about the support level and i want to ask if anyone is willing to provide an UK case reference number (created after august 2008) that he/she thinks was progressed in an inadequate manner and i will look it up and see what happened. It’s easy to throw dirt at us, but it’s not that easy to prove something, because i assure you all, the level of support we offer here in Romania is of a very good quality and the cases in which a customer is not treated right are very rare if there are any at all

March 3, 2009 at 3:17 am
(17) Smythe says:

15 January 09 – ordered my first Lenovo W700.

23rd January – first machine delivered, but missing a vital feature that I had ordered.

Lenovo acknowledged their mistake immediately, but it took another dozen or so phone calls and emails to Lenovo to get any action. In the end they insisted I prepay for a replacement – which I did.

03 March 09 – replacement machine received smashed to pieces in one corner. No fragile stickers were visible anywhere on the box. For a machine of it’s value (W700 is Lenovo’s most expensive machine) the total lack of adequate packing and fragile stickers is very worrying. If the body of the computer had not been so thoroughly cracked and split (as if it had been pounded by a sledge hammer) how would I have detected more subtle internal damage due to having been dropped, knocked or squashed?

03 March 09 – This evening Lenovo have just refused my request for compensation stating “it is not company policy to discount or give gifts” and they are sending me another machine.

Even staff at Lenovo’s Sydney HQ told me they were ‘hardly surprised’ at my having such problems. I’d phoned the Sydney offices to try and get some action on organising a replacement.

Furthermore, there did not seem to be any systematic or centralised logging of my calls or emails. So, each phone call and email required a reciting of the history of the problem with each Lenovo customer service person. This put the onus back on me to keep accurate records of dates and content of phone calls and emails.

To be fair, Lenovo staff seem to mean well. One of their post-sales support people has been in good contact to advise on the progress of Lenovo’s 3rd attempt to fulfil my order.

Finally, as implied by at least one previous writer, dealing with Lenovo has given me the impression that Lenovo has a culture of just wanting to get a fast return on their investment in the ThinkPad brand and this leads Lenovo to be un-concerned about long-term relationships with individual customers. Certainly, I will not buy a Lenovo product ever again.

March 10, 2009 at 8:31 am
(18) teresa fadeley says:

My two week old Lenovo series 5000 laptop needed wireless configuration. I called Lenovo tech support (took 30 minutes to be connected) was patched to an agent named SHah who was extremely rude, could not speak understandable English (must be Pakistani or Indian with very thick accent), cut me off twice!!!!, then was patched a third time to Charlotte (more helpful). Customer support for Lenovo is horrid!!! I have had more stress in two evenings than 10 years combined!

March 25, 2009 at 5:18 pm
(19) Susan says:

I am furious at Lenovo. I just called because I cannot bring the computer out of hibernation without shutting off. First, the rep in GA said there will be no charge, even though I know there would be, because I’m out of warranty. He checked one thing, but that wasn’t the problem. Then he transferred me to someone in another country who said she could direct me to a troubleshooting page.

I said I’d pay for support, so she directed me to a site that lists places to buy a computer. So I called back. Told them I want to pay for support and wanted the number to their support department.

So, she gave me a number. And guess what? It was one of the those on the list and they sell computers to government and educational institutions.

I am not sure who gives decent support to fix my problem. But this is outrageous.

I have two Lenovo’s and absolutely love them, but their support is just horrendous. And I have no idea where to get a solution to my problem.

Just my thoughts.

March 31, 2009 at 4:50 pm
(20) Jane says:

Wow- not sure what lenovo is doing wrong. purchased a rebuilt machine – delivery was fairly prompt- about 10 business days. machine came with vista business (which was an upgrade). also came with an office 2007 CD (which we didn’t order). was delivered about 2 1/2 weeks ago and they still haven’t charged my credit card.
And yet I have seen on other sites that some random people (who have had no dealings with lenovo) have been charged for computers. are they pulling credit card numbers out of thin air? is this a computer lottery? haha. If they had decent service, I would consider calling them up. but likely I would have to call a dozen people and would end up with my card charged twice.
Thanks for the computer lenovo!

May 2, 2009 at 4:23 pm
(21) Paul H says:

I just purchased my first Lenovo laptop and probably my last. The Ideapad U110 comes with a software app called Veriface, for biometric facial recognition when it recognizes your face it can log you in. Kind of a gimmicky but interesting app. When I clicked on one of the sub-menu options in help it launched a bunch of browser windows going to known malware sites in China sites. I don’t know how to stress these viral links are built into to the base install on this system. I am not the only one who noticed this problem see: http://forums.lenovo.com/lnv/board/message?board.id=ideaPad&thread.id=9013
When I called IBM support and opened a case they were extremely rude denied there was a problem and never followed up.
The worst support I have ever experienced from any manufacturer.
I will never buy a Lenovo product again.

August 20, 2009 at 6:41 pm
(22) Graham says:

Thank you all (or most of you…) for your timely warnings. I just cancelled my Thinkpad order because they lied to me about the shipping date but I was reconsidering. Given the uniformity of experience (ably confirmed by ‘level 2′ above) I will not do so. Its a pity because they really do have a sweet spec but I’m not going to put up with this sort of BS. Back to good old reliable Dell I guess.

December 4, 2009 at 2:10 am
(23) Look Out says:

After reading the same experiences over and over all over the internet ranging over 4 years, I smell a class action lawsuit, Lenovo. Mine was definitely the worst experience I have EVER had. Too long and tiring to go into. Ugh, what a lousy company.

January 2, 2010 at 10:10 am
(24) Mark says:

I’m still convinced there is some type of connection between the high and might IBM and Lenovo. The former realized a failing business line and the latter hasn’t figured it out yet. I have a vision of the keystone cops running around without direction.

I am forced to use a Lenovo T400 laptop at my job. I’ve probably used about 50 different computers over the last 30 years and I’d have to say this laptop has to be the worst.

Right out of the gate, when I took possession of this laptop, I set up numerous passwords, settings, etc. Then the darn hard drive failed on me within the first month. Lenovo was real good about sending a new one, but they had no way to recover the changes I had made. I was told I need to ghost the machine and/or take regular backups. True, but in the first month??

The tech I talked with was from India or somewhere thereabouts in the world. I have absolutely nothing against these individuals. I know they mean well, are oftentimes very educated, and trying to make a living as we all are. However, the person I talked with was very difficult to understand. A five minute phone call lasted nearly ten minutes.

One can’t run too many programs because the computer can’t handle it. While my trusty Dell computer can handle numerous applications at one time (I’ve had nearly 20 going at once), this Lenovo would either slow to a snail’s pace or freeze when I run half that many applications. I’ve tested this on my wife’s Sony Vaio laptop and while it slows down, it has never frozen up the system.
Co-workers report the same “problem”.

The screen flickers and is very annoying.
Co-workers report the same “problem”.

One co-worker had his system go bad and needed his PC replaced completely. Not bad for an eight month old computer, right?

I know I’ll never consider a Lenovo – at least until they clean up their act and prove themselves in the product market and support.

January 8, 2010 at 10:37 am
(25) Bart says:

I had a terrible experience with Lenovo support.

I bought a ThinkCentre in September. After three months the Western Digital hard drive failed. All I knew at first was that the computer didn’t boot. When I called tech support I got Atlanta, GA. The tech wanted me to enter the bios. There was no way for me to tell how to get from screen to screen, and the tech person did not have that bios there so he couldn’t help me. Sometimes the boot process got as far as complaining a DLL was missing, which made him totally sure what I needed was to reload the OS (XP). He didn’t get that this was an intermittent result and it often didn’t get that far at all.
Asked to speak to a supervisor and after a considerable delay he came back and told me the supervisor agreed with him (well, if he explains his version of things, that’s no surprise). He said she would call back within 45 minutes. She called in an hour. I had given up and gone to lunch.

When I called back I got someone who also didn’t know my BIOS but I discovered at random that left and right arrow keys would move between screens. By changing the boot order I was able to launch the disk diagnostic CD I had downloaded and made on another computer, and we discovered the disk was bad. Shipping the replacement drive went OK and I was able to install it myself. But I needed CDs for the OS. So the guy said they would ship them to me. End of call.

They left messages the next day and the one after (I had gone off for holidays) saying they needed to know what OS I had and implied they wouldn’t ship them until I told them. Two big problems here: (1) I bought the machine from them three months before. Why don’t they have a record of what OS I bought? (2) can’t he check for whether they have the information they need before they end the first call?

Called to follow up and was told the disks needed to be approved by Microsoft, and that could take a day or two, and they had shipped and it might take a little while for them to arrive due to holidays. The case had been closed, he said. After re-emphasizing the messages I had received he looked into it further and found the problem had been opened under a new case number. The shipping department (or whatever it is) called yet again, this time got me and said they would send the CDs. Three days and they still haven’t arrived.

February 3, 2010 at 5:12 am
(26) Nathan says:

Lenovo have been great in MY experience.
I called and complained about a screen issue.A few questions over the phone and it was decided a driver is the issue. I was sent 2 disks special delivery. The tech support kept on calling me to find out if the issue was resolved. (It is resolved now I just got round to doing it)
That is the best any tech support has ever experienced (I fix computers for a living). As with most comment boards. Only the motivated/disgruntled filter through. To be fair thinkpads are durable and well thought out. I will continue to buy them.

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