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Antec NoiseKiller Kits

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Antec NoiseKiller PSU and Fan Gaskets

Antec NoiseKiller PSU and Fan Gaskets

Mark Kyrnin

The Bottom Line

If your computer case is getting a lot of vibration noise from a case fan or power supply, the Antec NoiseKiller kits can help to reduce the noise.


  • Easy to Install
  • Comes with Extra Gaskets for Other Areas of the PC


  • Can Be Hard to Fit in Tight Locations
  • Only Effective on Reducing Vibration Noise


  • Silicone Gasket and Washers To Reduce Noise and Will Not Harden Over Time
  • NoiseKiller Kit - PSU Gasket, 2 80mm Fan Gaskets, 12 Screws with Washers and 8 Extra Washers
  • NoiseKiller PSU Kit - PSU Gasket, 4 Screws with Washers and 8 Extra Washers
  • NoiseKiller Fan Kits - 2 Fan Size Gaskets, 8 Screws with Washers and 8 Extra Washers
  • Can Reduce Vibration Noise Up to 80 Percent

Guide Review - Antec NoiseKiller Kits

3/9/04 - Noise has become a big issue in desktop computing. As the processors have gotten more powerful so has the heat they generate. To try and remove that heat from the computer, the size, speed and number of fans inside the computer has increased. This also brings with it a lot of noise generated by all this movement inside the computer.

Fans typically generate two forms of noise during their operation. The first is the vibration noise caused by the movement of the parts and the contact between the moving fan and the case. The other form is generated by the air moving through the fan and the components. The first form of noise is specifically what the NoiseKiller kits target. This is a key distinction as the air turbulence noise will not be reduced at all with the product.

To test the NoiseKiller Kits, a PSU gasket and 120mm fan gasket were placed inside of an Antec Sonata low-noise case. The system was then run through its normal operation to try and determine how much noise was actually reduced. During the installation of the fans, the fan screws were slightly larger than the holes in the case. This resulted in the screws going in at an angle instead of straight which could decrease the efficieny of the gaskets.

In the end, the gaskets did help reduce the noise within the system some. Much of the remaining noise was from air turbulence and could not be removed. So, if your system has a lot of noise vibration, these can help but not as much as some might hope for.

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