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PCToys LightMAXX Cold Cathode Light Kit

PCToys LightMAXX Cold Cathode Light Kit


The Bottom Line

Those looking to provide some character and light to the inside of their computer system would do well to look at the LightMAXX CCFL kits from PCToys.


  • Inexpensive Internal Lighting Solution
  • Provides a Very Even Colored Glow
  • Relatively Easy Installation Without the Switch


  • Rocker Switch Requires Cutting for Installation
  • Installation Instructions Could be More Detailed


  • Twin 11-Inch Cold Cathode Flourescent Light Tubes
  • Covered Voltage Inverter
  • 4-Pin Molex Power Tunnel Connector
  • Round Rocker On-Off Switch
  • Four Zip Ties
  • Four Plastic Mounting Feet with Adhesive
  • Strip of Adhesive Backed Velcro
  • 29,000 cd/m^2 Light Output
  • 620v Inverter Output to Tubes
  • 30,000 Hour Expected Lifetime

Guide Review - PCToys LightMAXX CCFL Kit

8/31/03 - PCToys is a fairly well known modification supplier thanks in part to its wide distribution deals. The LightMAXX dual CCFL kit is very simple modification that can add a lot of character to a computer system with a window panel. It is available in blue, green, red and UV colors. Installation was simple although it could be complicated if the rocker switch is installed on the exterior. Another area that could use work is the installation instructions. A switch that could fit in an external card slot cover would make it easier. The installation paper could provide a bit more detail on what it takes to install. Overall the results are very pleasing, providing a nice clean colored glow to the internal computer components.
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