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Arctic Silver Ceramique Thermal Compound

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Arctic Silver Ceramique Thermal Compound

Arctic Silver Ceramique Thermal Compound

Arctic Silver

The Bottom Line

Arctic Silver has produced a high performance non-conductive thermal compound that performs as well or even better than their Silver III compound.


  • Excellent Thermal Transfer Results
  • Non-Conductive
  • Inexpensive Compared to Silver Compounds


  • Thicker Grease More Difficult to Spread


  • High-density, Ceramic-based Thermal Compound
  • Made with Micronized Aluminum Oxide, Boron Nitride and Zinc Oxide
  • Average Particle Size: 0.38 microns or <0.000015 inch
  • Temperature Range of -40 to 180 Celcius
  • Easy to Clean Up with Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Provides an Average of 2 to 10 Degree Centigrade Performance Over Generic Compounds

Guide Review - Arctic Silver Ceramique Thermal Compound

07/13/03 - Arctic Silver is well known for their Silver 3 compound which provides excellent cooling results, but it has the problem of being conductive. To correct this, Arctic Silver produced their latest compound, Ceramique. This high density compound claims to provide 2 to 10 degree C lower temperatures than generic compounds. During testing, the performance fell around 5-6 degrees C difference, but still an impressive result that overclockers will want to look into. Application is a bit more difficult than other compounds due to the thick consistency of the polysynthetic oil used in the compound. It also takes at least 12 to 72 hours for the compound to set up under usage to see the performance results.
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