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SIIG Serial ATA PCI Card

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SIIG Serial ATA PCI Adapter

SIIG Serial ATA PCI Adapter


The Bottom Line

An excellent option for those looking to add Serial ATA support to an older computer system.


  • Adds Serial ATA Support to Older Systems
  • Uses Proven SiI 3112A Controller Chip


  • Limited to 133 MB/s PCI Bandwidth
  • Lacks RAID 0/1 Ability


  • Silicon Image 3112A Serial ATA Controller Chip
  • Supports 2 Independed 150 MB/s Serial ATA Channels
  • BIOS Support for Hard Drive Boot Capability
  • Supports Hard Drives with Capacities higher than 137 GB/s
  • PCI 2.2 Compliant Expansion Card
  • Serial ATA Drive Cable
  • Serial ATA 15-pin Power Adapter Cable
  • Driver Software for Windows 98/ME/2000/XP and NT 4.0
  • User Manual

Guide Review - SIIG Serial ATA PCI Card

Serial ATA is the latest in desktop hard drive technologies that is only found on the most recent computer systems. For those who would like to use the new technology on an older coputer system, a Serial ATA PCI adapter is the best way to go. The SIIG Serial ATA PCI card is a excellent Serial ATA controller to use for older systems. It uses the proven Silicon Image 3112A SATA controller chip and conforms fully to the SATA 1.0 specification. If there is one thing that is missing from this board it is support for RAID 0/1, something the same SiI3112A controller chip featured on several motherboards do support. Performance of the PCI card is equivalent to the motherboard integrated chips.
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