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Fujitsu LifeBook P5020

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The Bottom Line

Fujitsu continues their trend of a very full featured ultraportable computer with their updated P5000 series notebook.
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  • Internal Optical Drive
  • Very Long Battery Life
  • Very Small Dimensions


  • Lower Speed Processor
  • Limited Memory Expansion
  • Smaller Keyboard


  • Intel Pentium M 1.0 GHz Ultra-Low Voltage Processor
  • 256MB PC2100 DDR Memory
  • 40GB Hard Drive
  • 24x CD-RW Combo Internal Optical Drive
  • 10.6" WXGA (1280x768) LCD Display and Intel Extreme2 Integrated Graphics with 64MB Shared Memory
  • Realtek ACL202 AC'97 Audio
  • v.90 56Kbps Modem, 10/100 Ethernet and Intel 802.11b Wireless
  • Two USB 2.0 Ports, One FireWire Port, One Type II PC Card Slot, Compact Flash Slot and MS/SD Slot
  • 10.3" x 7.8" x 1.6" @ 3.85 lbs.
  • Windows XP Home Operating System and MS Works 7 Suite

Guide Review - Fujitsu LifeBook P5020

3/23/04 - Ultraportables have long been plagued with the lack of features such as an optical drive in order to reduce their weight and size. Thanks to the every improving technology, Fujitsu was able to build a fully functional ultraportable system with their P5000 series.

The LifeBook P5020 is an update to the popular P series ultraportables with a few upgrades in the features. The most important of these is an increase in speed to the 1GHz Pentium M ultra-low voltage CPU. This gives the system a boost of speed over its predecessor while still giving it exceptional battery life.

Storage of course is where the P5020 excels. The big feature is the modular internal 24x CD-RW combo optical drive. This unit allows the P5020 to still be portable and fully functional. And if you need even more battery life, the drive can be removed and replaced with an extended battery. In addition to this modular bay, the P5020 also has slots for Compact Flash, Secure Digital and Memory Stick flash cards.

Graphics for the P5020 are handled once again by the integrated Intel Extreme 2 graphics. While not producing any great 3D acceleration, the solution is sufficient for most computing needs. The screen is a 10.6" wide LCD screen with a resolution of 1280x768. It can be difficult to see it in bright sunlight, but it still is a good screen.

The Fujitsu LifeBook P5020 is an excellent ultraportable system for those who don't want to loose features for portability.

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