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Desktop Computer Manufacturers
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List of companies that develop, design and build desktop computer systems for the PC market.

ABS Computer Technologies
Builder of custom built and pre-configured desktop computer systems

Manufacturer of top of the line gaming PCs.

Compaq Computer Systems
This is the Compaq line of computer systems. Since the recent merger with HP, this may change.

Dell Computers
One of the premiere mail order PC manufacturer's with a wide range of systems with the ability to customize your order.

Manufacturer of value priced computer systems.

Falcon Northwest
Mail order company specializing in custom high performance computer systems.

Gateway Computers
Company started out as a mail order computer supplier but has recently branched into the retail market with its Gateway Country stores.

This is HP's desktop computer system line before their merger with Compaq.

The first company to release a PC for sale to the public continues to offer a wide range of computer choices.

Mail order company specializing in a wide range of computer systems.

Microtel Computer Systems
Company specializing in systems using Linux based operating systems for consumers and business.

Voodoo Computers
Mail order company specializing in high performance stylized custom built computers.

Polywell Computers
Manufacturer of a wide range of computer systems from custom built desktop systems to industrial rack mount servers.

Sony Electronics
The consumer electronics giant also has a very active desktop computer line which tries to integrate it into home electronics and add style to the computers.

vpr Matrix
Best Buy's line of private label computer systems available on-line or in their stores.

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