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Laptop Computer Manufacturers
Guide picks
Listing of companies that manufacturer PC compatible laptop computers.

Acer Computers
Company that produces the TravelMate and Aspire line of laptop PC computer systems.

New company specializing in low cost portable computer systems.

Manufacturer of laptop computer systems that recently merged with Hewlett-Packard.

Dell Computers
Leading mail order manufacturer of customizable laptop portable PC computer systems.

Manufacturer of the LifeBook line of laptop PC computers.

Mail order company the produces a wide array of laptop computer systems.

Computer giant well known for its printing and imaging that also produces a line of laptop computers.

Company specializing in business oriented laptop computer systems.

MPC (formerly MicronPC)
Company that manufacturers a wide range of notebook systems for consumers and businesses.

Rugged Notebooks
Manufacturer of rugged portable computers used in extreme environments and by the military.

Sony Electronics
Manufacturer specializing in stylized media based consumer laptop computers.

Toshiba Electronics
Consumer electronics company that has been producing laptop computers for many years.

WinBook Computers
Manufacturer of the WinBook line of laptop PC computer systems.

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