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Optical Drive Manufacturers
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This page provides links to the various companies that manufacture optical storage drives for personal computers.

A OEM division of Acer electronics that manufactures optical storage drives.

Optical storage division of ASUS Technologies which manufacturers various optical drives for computers.

Company that manufactures a wide range of optical computer drives.

Manufacturer of a wide range of optical storage drives. Note: HP seperates their CD and DVD drives so you will need to select the link to the appropriate type of drive.

Company which sells optical drives under its own label but are typically produced by other manufacturers.

LG Electronics US
Manufacturer of a wide range of optical drives from CD-ROMs all the way up to DVD burners.

Philips Electronics
Consumer electronics company that developed the original CD standards.

Pioneer Electronics
Consumer electronics company specializing in DVD based optical drives.

One of the best known high performance optical drive manufacturers.

Optical Drive division from the major Korean electronics manufacturer.

Sony Electronics
Manufacturer of optical storage devices including a DVD drive which supports all current DVD recordable and rewritable formats.

TDK Electronics
Manufacturer of the popular VeloCD line of optical drives.

Data Storage Division of TEAC which develops optical drives for various computer systems.

Manufacturer of a broad range of optical storage devices.

Yamaha Electronics
Manufacturer of high performance optical drives including drives with the new DiscT@2 graphic labelling.

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