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Computer Audio Basics - Digital Audio and Standards - PC Reviews
First part in a four part series on the basics of computers and audio. This section covers the basics of digital audio and how it relates to computer audio products ...
Computer Audio Basics Part III - Interconnects
Part three of a four part series on the basics of computer audio. This section looks at the type of connectors used to bring the audio from the computers to ...
Computer Audio Basic Part II - Surround Sound - PC Reviews
Second in a four part series on the basics of computer audio. This section looks at the various forms of surround sound and how they relate to computer audio.
PC Audio - PC Reviews - About.com
This section is devoted to reviews and articles from the About PC Hardware / Reviews Guide on components of desktop and notebook PC compatible computer ...
Computer Audio Basics IV - Speakers - PC Reviews - About.com
Final section of a four part series on the basics of computer audio. This part discusses speakers designed for computer systems and the features to consider  ...
What is a Sound Card? (Audio Card, Sound Adapter) - PC Support
The sound card is an expansion card that allows the computer to send audio information to an audio device like speakers or a pair of headphones.
Best PC Sound Cards - PC Reviews - About.com
Selection of the best internal PC audio sound cards from the About.com PC Hardware / Reviews Guide.
Converting and Digitizing Audio Cassettes to MP3 - Digital Music
In this primer on digitizing audio from cassettes tapes, we'll take you through the initial ... Equipment Checklist for Transferring Audio Tapes to Your Computer.
How to Record Streaming Audio or Internet Radio - Digital Music
How can I record streaming audio from the Internet? By Mark ... Answer: There are two basic types of software program for recording audio on your computer: ...
How to Test and Adjust Your PC Audio System
Having a sophisticated surround sound audio system for your computer, and the advanced, high-tech PC audio card that it usually requires takes more than ...
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