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PC Shopping Mistakes - PC Reviews - About.com
Some of the common mistakes that people making when shopping for or buying a personal computer system. Try to avoid some of these things that can trip you ...
Computer Shopping at Costco - Pros and Cons - PC Reviews
A look at pros and cons of computer shopping at the Costco warehouse retailer/
Computer Shopping Return and Exchange Policies
Article from the About.com PC Hardware / Reviews Guide that discusses how ... a major impact in your computer buying experience and should be considered ...
Back to School Computer Buying Guide - PC Reviews - About.com
Before shopping for a computer, check with the school regarding any recommendations, requirements or restrictions there may be on student computers.
Where to Buy a PC - PC Reviews - About.com
Article discussing the advantages and disadvantages from the three common places to purchase a new computer system written by your About PC Hardware ...
Desktop PC Buyer's Guide - PC Reviews - About.com
A product buying guide that examinings the specifications to consider when looking at purchasing your next desktop personal computer system from your ...
How to Decide Where to Take Your Computer for Repair - PC Support
Should you get your computer repaired somewhere like Best Buy (Geek Squad) or at that Mom and Pop shop downtown? Here are some tips to help you decide.
Quick Tips for Computer Buying on eBay - eBay Shopping Tips for ...
Buying a computer on eBay isn't as risky as many make it out to be, so long as you understand what you're getting when you buy and you check your seller(s) ...
Refurbished Desktop and Laptop Computers
An article from the About.com PC Hardware / Reviews Guide explaining the pitfalls and things to be aware of when considering the purchase of a low cost ...
Tips for Buying Refurbished Computers
If buying a brand new computer isn't in the budget, purchasing a refurbished PC may be the answer.
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