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The Andromeda Galaxy - About Space and Astronomy
The closest "regular" galaxy to the Milky Way is the spiral galaxy known as Andromeda. Visible through a telescope, this galaxy is part of our local group of ...
Does Life Exist Elsewhere in Our Galaxy?
But now, with increasingly advanced technology we may finally be on the verge of discovering where else life may exist in our galaxy. The more we search, ...
Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 Plus Comparison - Google - About.com
Full disclosure: Samsung has provided me with a review unit to test. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 Plus is the updated version of last year's overpriced Samsung ...
Tablet Showdown: iPad vs. Samsung Galaxy Tab
The iPad and the Samsung Galaxy Tab are among the most popular tablets out there. If you're deciding between them, you need to know how they stack up.
The Milky Way Galaxy - About Space and Astronomy
Our little corner of the cosmic neighborhood: The Milky Way Galaxy. Our understanding of our home is evolved over time, and is just now really coming into focus ...
Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Honeycomb Tablet - Review
Many considered Samsung's first tablet undertaking, the original Galaxy Tab, to be a solid yet underwhelming first try at the tablet space. A lot of it had to do with ...
The iPad Mini vs the Galaxy Tab 3 - About iPad
If you are looking for an alternative to the iPad Mini, it's hard to ignore the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Samsung devices are among the best selling Android- based ...
The iPad Air vs Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro - About iPad
Samsung's Galaxy Tab Pro makes a big leap forward in technical specifications, but is it enough to unseat the iPad Air? This article takes a detailed look at the ...
Stars & Planets - About Space and Astronomy
Discover stars, planets, & galaxies, as you explore the solar system and the universe. Find solar system & deep space information, news, & pictures on celestial ...
Galaxy Tab, Kindle Fire, and Nook Tablet Smackdown - Google
Galaxy Tab 7 Plus, Kindle Fire, and Barnes and Noble Nook Tablet Compared. Amazon Kindle Fire e-reading tablet - Image courtesy Amazon.com. The iPad is ...
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