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Best PC Sound Cards - PC Reviews - About.com
Selection of the best internal PC audio sound cards from the About.com PC Hardware / Reviews Guide.
Sound Card Manufacturers - PC Reviews - About.com
This page provides links to the various manufacturers of personal computer sound cards.
Computer Audio Basic Part II - Surround Sound - PC Reviews
Second in a four part series on the basics of computer audio. ... For those interested in surround sound with their computer system, the support for these ... PC Audio - Interconnects · PC Audio - Speakers · Best Desktop PC Sound Card...
What is a Sound Card? - PC Support - About.com
A sound card is the piece of hardware in a computer that turns digital sound information created by software into real sounds.
PC Audio - PC Reviews - About.com
This section is devoted to reviews and articles from the About PC Hardware ... Selection of the best internal PC audio sound cards from the PC Hardware ...
ASUS Xonar DX 7.1 PCI-Express Sound Card Review - PC Reviews
May 16, 2008 ... Product review of the ASUS Xonar DX 7.1 PCI-Express audio card from the About .com PC Hardware / Reviews Guide. (5/16/08)
Computer Audio Basics Part III - Interconnects
Part three of a four part series on the basics of computer audio. ... For one, the sound card features of the speakers may not support the proper decoding levels  ...
Computer Audio Basics IV - Speakers - PC Reviews - About.com
Final section of a four part series on the basics of computer audio. This part ... Another solution is to hook the laptop to either amplified external speakers or use of a USB based sound solutions. .... DIY: Make an Inspirational Greeting Card.
Gaming Computer Buyer's Guide - Desktops and Laptops
A buyer's guide explaining how to pick out the right gaming PC and what features to ... Creative Labs makes decent sounds cards, and a set of speakers with a ...
How to Test and Adjust Your PC Audio System
Having a sophisticated surround sound audio system for your computer, and the advanced, high-tech PC audio card that it usually requires takes more than ...
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