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NZXT Avatar S 1600 DPI Gaming Mouse

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NZXT Avatar S Gaming Mouse
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The Bottom Line

Aug 29 2011 - Ever wish you could accessorize your gaming laptop or desktop without dropping $100 or more on a mouse alone? The NZXT Avatar S gaming mouse is designed to fill a void in affordable gaming accessories. Retailing for $40, it's an investment but not to the point of costing as much as some gaming graphics cards. I was able to put the NZXT Avatar S to the test, and you can read more about my findings below.


  • Slim Design
  • Ambidextrous
  • Affordable
  • Easy to Configure


  • Holds Only One Profile for Macros
  • Only Supports Up to 1600 DPI


  • 5 Key Programmable Mouse
  • 1600/800/400 DPI 3 Step Switch
  • 16Kb Onboard Memory
  • LED On/Off Option
  • Polling Rate of 1000Hz

Review - NZXT Avatar S 1600 DPI Gaming Mouse

Sleek with modern lines and an eye-catching lighting effect, the NZXT isn't your normal looking gaming mouse. It's elegant but offers added flair with blue LED lighting that reminds me of the Microsoft Habu mouse - only better. The Avatar S does come in two colors - white and black so it goes with a variety of gaming setups visually. It is a wired mouse, though, so be prepared to be tethered by the cable.

If you're used to gripping a larger mouse, such as the Logitech G500, you'll definitely notice the Avatar's smaller size. However, it hardly took any getting used to, and I found myself enjoying the narrow grip much more than that of the G500. The NZXT Avatar S is very lightweight, though, so if you are a fan of the weighted Cyborg R.A.T., for instance, then the Avatar S might not be for you.

After plugging in the NZXT Avatar S, I immediately noticed how fast it was. I particularly liked the default speed setting, but if you don't, it's easy to change. In fact, it's definitely worth installing the driver for the Avatar S as you can manipulate settings within the control panel. Speaking of settings, there are quite a few options available, such as turning on and off the LED lights, including the small NZXT logo. You can also switch DPI settings. The mouse supports 400, 800, and 1600 DPI. At this time, high end gaming mice support up to 6400 DPI, so if you are a gamer who needs the ultimate control regarding sensitivity in games, you might need a mouse that has a higher DPI. However, for most gamers, the NZXT Avatar S should offer enough control to cruise through games (even shooters) with ease.

One nice feature is the ambidextrous design, meaning both left handed and right handed users can use the mouse. Yu can easily change from right to left in the NZXT control panel to better assign buttons based on grip. This is good for families who have both a left handed and right handed gamer in the house who share the same computer. The only problem is that the 16Kb of onboard memory can only hold one macros profile, although five keys are programmable. But for the price, you really can't go wrong with the NZXT Avatar S. It works well for traveling even though it is wired, and the slim design is quite comfortable.

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