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Toshiba Satellite A665-3DV5 15.6-inch 3D Gaming Laptop PC

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Toshiba Satellite A665-3DV5 3D Gaming Laptop
Image Courtesy Toshiba

Dec 29 2010 - If you're looking to delve into 3D gaming, the Toshiba Satellite A665-3DV5 15.6-inch laptop is a good value. With an MSRP of $1,299, the Toshiba Satellite A665-3DV5 boasts a Blu-ray drive, dual core processor, and 4GB of DDR3 memory. However, due to the slow hard drive and merely adequate graphics card, this system is better suited for those wanting to game casually in 3D. If you are a hard-core gamer and can do without 3D gaming, there are better options out there, such as the more affordable ASUS G51JX-X3 or Dell XPS 15.


  • 3D Capability
  • Blu-ray Drive
  • HDMI Port


  • Slow Hard Drive
  • Average Graphics


  • Intel Core i5-460M Dual Core Processor
  • 15.6-inch 1366x768 720p Display
  • 4GB DDR3 Memory
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTS 350M 1GB GDDR3
  • 640GB 5400RPM Hard Drive
  • Blu-ray Disc & DVD SuperMulti Drive
  • 3D Vision Technology
  • One ExpressCard Slot, Three USB 2.0 Ports, One eSATA/USB, HDMI
  • Wi-Fi Wireless Networking (802.11b/g/n)
  • Windows 7 Home Premium
  • 10" x 14.98" x 1.18" @ 6.5 Lbs

Review - Toshiba Satellite A665-3DV5 15.6-inch 3D Gaming Laptop

Toshiba Satellite A665-3DV5 3D Gaming Laptop ReviewImage Courtesy Toshiba

The Toshiba Satellite A665-3DV5 is a midrange gaming laptop priced at $1,299 MSRP. While the components are typical of those found in similarly priced notebooks, one feature does stand out. This gaming laptop is equipped with 3D Vision for multi-dimensional gaming. Because of its 3D capability, the LED backlit display has a max resolution of 1366x768 and runs at 120Hz. The lack of a higher resolution is one of the trade-offs for being able to game in 3D. Toshiba did a great job of including the active shutter glasses required to enjoy 3D content so you don't have to buy an extra kit.

The Satellite A665-3DV5 is equipped with a dual-core Intel Core i5-460M processor. While it's not a quad-core processor, it is on par with other laptops in this price range and provides adequate speed. The energy benefits, though, don't help gamers all much considering one can't game all that long on battery power. Speaking of battery life, the Toshiba Satellite A665-3DV5 comes with a 6-cell battery, so be sure to have a power source nearby when gaming away from home.

Memory is also simply average with 4GB of DDR3 included. While this is the norm for both budget and midrange gaming notebooks, it would be nice if 8GB came standard. The NVIDIA GeForce GTS 350M graphics card is also a "middle of the road" card falling slightly below the ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650 in benchmarks. You can definitely run popular games, such as the Sims 3 or World of Warcraft, but intensive games benefit from reduced settings.

While the Toshiba Satellite A665-3DV5 has a spacious hard drive, it is rather slow at 5400RPM. Nowadays, it's best to shop for a notebook featuring a faster 7200RPM hard drive. The backlit keyboard, though, is nice for gaming at night.

Overall, this notebook is nice for casual gaming and 3D entertainment. The inclusion of a Blu-ray drive makes the A665-3DV5 a great machine for watching HD movies. The HDMI output affords the opportunity to connect the system to a compatible HDTV, as well, in case you don't own a set top Blu-ray player or Playstation 3. If you are eager to experience 3D gaming, the Toshiba A665-3DV5 is a decent value. But for gamers who don't require 3D capabilities, there are more powerful gaming laptops that offer a better overall experience thanks to more RAM, a faster hard drive, and a better display.

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