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Best PC Gaming Cases

A Selection of the Top PC Gaming Cases Based on Size, Design, and Budget


Sep 25 2010 - After spending hundreds (or thousands in some cases) on PC gaming components, it's time to decide which computer case is best to hold those precious parts. Here is a list of the best PC cases on the market today designed for PC gaming based on budget, style, and use.

1. Best Overall - Antec Nine Hundred Two

Antec Nine Hundred Two Gaming Case
Image Courtesy Antec

Topping the list is the successor to the super popular Antec Nine Hundred, the Nine Hundred Two. This case keeps hardware incredibly cool, and you can't go wrong with nine drive bays for expandability. The side panel window lets you view your system while in use. One 200mm TriCool fan is placed on the top, two 120mm blue LED fans are on the front of the case, and one 120mm fan rounds up the rear for maximum cooling and airflow. The front of the Antec Nine Hundred Two also contains an I/O panel with two USB 2.0 ports, one eSATA port, and two audio ports that are easily accessible for added convenience. This gaming case emits a blue aura that is edgy for gamers. Prices range around $125 to $150.

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2. Best Budget Gaming Case - NZXT M59 ATX Mid Tower Computer Case

NZXT M59 Computer Gaming Case

For gamers on a budget, there are many case options out there without a hefty price tag. At first glance, the M59's front panel offers an aggressive feel that is perfect for gamers. The smoked side panel window isn't completely transparent, which may be an issue if you want to see your components clearly. Otherwise, this case is a dream for the price with easy expandability thanks to four external 5.25" and seven internal 3.5" drive bays. You can even add water cooling with pre-drilled holes. Cooling is more than adequate with up to five fans. Finally, say good-bye to messy cables with a super cable management system. The front I/O panel has four USB 2.0 ports, two audio ports, and one eSATA port for adding peripherals. Priced around $60.

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3. Best Full Tower Gaming Case - Antec Twelve Hundred

Antec Twelve Hundred PC Computer Case
Image Courtesy Antec
If you have the space, a full-tower case is fantastic for housing pricey gaming components. The Antec Twelve Hundred offers top-notch cooling and added space for even the largest graphics cards. Twelve drive bays allow for flexibility for advanced gamers, although it would be nice if the case was a bit deeper. Visually, the Antec Twelve Hundred is sleek, yet sophisticated, with blue fans emitting a glow that isn't overwhelming. This case comes with a 200mm top fan, three 120mm front fans, two 120mm rear fans, and open slots for a side case fan and a middle fan. Say good-bye to dust with cleanable air filters to help protect your components. Priced between $175 and $200.
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4. Best High-End Gaming Case - LIAN LI PC-X1000

LIAN LI PC-X1000 PC Gaming Case
Image Courtesy LIAN LI
If you're a gamer without budget or space constraints, the LIAN LI PC-X1000 offers superior build quality for high-end performance. The tool-less design lets you swap out components quickly and easily. This is a full tower aluminum case, which supports the latest and largest video cards. Eight card slots can hold three or more graphics cards in CrossFireX or SLI configuration for extreme gaming. And best of all, parts are kept cool with three separate heat zones for organization and optimal cooling. Vents and fans are everywhere to remove hot air and cool the motherboard, graphics card, etc. It also is relatively light thanks to its aluminum construction. Overall, this case is outstanding for high-end gaming. Priced around $300.
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