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Best Gaming Seats


Nov 30 2010 - Always fidgeting and struggling to make room for your racing wheel and pedals? Make your gaming area a comfortable and enjoyable space with a seat designed specifically for gamers. This list of the top four gaming chairs outlines what features to look for when shopping for a new gaming seat.

Best Overall - Playseat Evolution

Playseat Evolution Gaming Chair
Image Courtesy Playseat

The Playseat Evolution is sturdy so you don't have to worry about accidents when steering or braking hard. Adjusting the seat is easy with two knobs and a telescoping wheel, so kids and adults can both use the chair when taking turns. The seat also folds for easy storage. Although this seat is expensive at $339, it ranks #1 due to comfort and compatibility with gaming peripherals.

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Runner Up - Playseat Executive Racer Office Gaming Seat

Playseat Executive Racer Office Gaming Seat
Image Courtesy Amazon.com

The Playseat Executive Racer Office Gaming Seat is perfect for PC Gamers due to its adjustable height and reclining technology. The high profile sides on the chair keep you firmly in place, just like in a sports car. The chair also swivels for easy movement throughout your gaming area. The seat is compatible with just about every racing wheel and joystick on the market.

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Best Budget Gaming Chair - X Rocker Pro

X Rocker Pro Gaming Seat
Image Courtesy Amazon.com

The X Rocker Pro Gaming Chair fits a variety of uses from racing on the PC to listening to music. The form fitting design makes it super comfortable, yet it is sturdy enough to hold up to 300 pounds. The X Rocker Pro features a side control panel with controls for volume and bass, as well as a headphone jack. The X Rocker Pro also offers wireless technology for a streamline look without loads of wires.

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Best Midrange Gaming Chair - GYROXUS Full-Motion Control Seat

Gyroxus Full-Motion Gaming Chair
Image Courtesy Gyroxus

Relax and fully immerse yourself in battle with this Gyroxus Game Chair. It is compatible with the Xbox 360 as well as Games for Windows. A total of six height levels make it suitable for just about anyone. There is also a USB connection from the arm controller that can be used with your PC. Playing racing games while sitting in this seat is super fun, as you actually lean into the chair for more realistic turn-by-turn driving.

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