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VIZIO All-In-One Touch 24-inch Desktop PC

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VIZIO All-In-One Touch

VIZIO All-In-One Touch


The Bottom Line

Dec 20 2012 - The design of the VIZIO All-In-One Touch 24-inch is certainly quite striking with its aluminum exterior and compact design. Add to this a very good 24-inch display with touchscreen capabilities and it certainly stands out. The problem is that it sacrifices much in this design compared to the competition. The performance is below average from relying on mobile parts and even the keyboard and trackpad are essentially taken from their laptop design and leave much to be desired. The result is a system that places too much emphasis on style rather than substance.


  • Stylish Design
  • Excellent Display With Touchscreen
  • Free Of Unwanted Applications


  • Terrible Keyboard and Trackpad
  • Performance Well Behind Competition From Use Of Mobile Processor
  • No Optical Drive


  • Intel Core i5-3210M Dual Core Mobile Processor
  • 6GB PC3-12800 DDR3 Memory
  • 1TB 5400rpm SATA Hard Drive
  • 24" WUXGA (1920x1080) Multitouch Display With Intel HD Graphics 4000 Integrated Graphics
  • Intel HD Audio With 2.1 Speaker Setup
  • 802.11a/g/n Wireless, Bluetooth
  • Four USB 3.0, eSATA, HDMI (in), HDMI (out), SD Card Reader, 1.3 Megapixel Webcam
  • 23.1" x 18.6" x 9.0"
  • Windows 8, Office Starter

Review - VIZIO All-In-One Touch 24-inch

Dec 20 2012 - VIZIO's All-In-One design is very minimalistic when it comes down to it. It offers a very sleek aluminum clad design that might remind some of the Apple iMac but with a slimmer screen. Why is that? Well, the PC parts actually reside within the base of the display which means that the display panel houses just the LCD panel and touch screen interface. Most of the ports reside on the back of the base with a few on the right hand side. It also features a subwoofer that also doubles as the power supply for added audio performance which is very nice for those looking to use this also as a small home theater station.

Powering the VIZIO All-In-One Touch 24 is an Intel Core i5-3210M dual core processor, Now, this is a mobile processor rather than a desktop one which puts it at a disadvantage in terms of performance compared to many of its competitors that use desktop processors. This combined with 6GB of DDR3 memory allows it to run most basic applications without issue. This includes tasks such as browsing the web, email, watching media or productivity software. Those looking to use the system for more demanding tasks such as desktop video would be better served by a system that uses a desktop processor.

Storage for the VIZIO All-In-One Touch 24 is handled by a one terabyte hard drive. This provides it with a fair amount of storage space for applications, data and media files. The drive does spin at a slower 5400rpm rate which means that it is not as fast as traditional 7200rpm desktop drives or those that use a combination of drive and solid state drive for caching. Booting into the Windows 8 operating system takes over half a minute which is a bit on the slow side these days. If you do need additional storage space, VIZIO has included four USB 3.0 ports and a single eSATA port for use with high speed external storage. This can also be handy for those people who want to use a DVD or Blu-ray drive with the system as it does not come with one built-in, something uncommon for many Windows all-in-one systems.

VIZIO is best known for their low cost HDTV's and they take this knowledge to the PC market for the display on their All-In-One. The 24-inch LCD panel offers some surprising performance with some nice deep black colors and some wide viewing angles. Even with the glossy coating and multitouch interface, it didn't have much of an issue with glare or reflections either. In terms of the multitouch interface, it worked quite well and was nice and responsive even for multitouch gestures. This is certainly a feature to show off for the Windows 8 software. Driving the graphics for the system is the Intel HD Graphics 4000 that are built into the Core i5 processor. This is more than capable for basic uses but it still lacks much in terms of 3D performance so that it can really only be used for the most casual of 3D gaming at lower resolution and detail levels. At least it somewhat makes up for this by having the ability to accelerate media encoding when using Quick Sync compatible programs.

The biggest problem that plagues the VIZIO All-In-One is the keyboard and trackpad that come with the system. They are thankfully wireless but they use the same design and features used on their laptops. This means the keys are flat with very little feedback that makes for a less than pleasant typing experience. Many users will likely want to replace this with a third party keyboard. In addition, the trackpad has some serious accuracy issues where users will frequently just reach up and use the screen rather than the trackpad. In addition to these, a small media remote is included for use with media controls on the computer but it does not function as an alternate pointing device.

One small consolation for buyers is VIZIO's inclusion in the Microsoft Signature program. What this means that that VIZIO does not install any additional applications on the system beyond the basic operating system. This avoids the preinstalled applications that plague many of the personal computers on the market.

In terms of competition, the most obvious choice is the Apple iMac 21-inch model. The both retail for the same price of roughly $1250 to $1300. Apple's system has a smaller screen that is not a touchscreen but has a similar small profile and stylish design. The big difference is that Apple offers much higher performance and a dedicated graphics processor. On the PC side, there are options such as the Dell Inspiron One 23, Lenovo IdeaCentre B540 and Gateway One ZX6980. Each of these offers a 24-inch touchscreen display but in larger designs at a cost under $1000. They once again offer higher performance from desktop processors. The result is that it comes down to design or performance.

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