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Sony VAIO VPC-L111FX/B 24-inch All-In-One Desktop PC

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Sony VAIO VPC-L111FX/B 24-inch Touchscreen All-In-One Desktop PC

Sony VAIO VPC-L Series


The Bottom Line

Jan 14 2010 - The big draw for the Sony VAIO VPC-L111FX/B all-in-one is going to be its very large 24-inch multi-touch display. Included with this is a Blu-ray drive that allow users to fully experience 1080p HD video. Even with these and the $1299 price tag, Sony failed to include a number of smaller media features that limit the overall media experience that the system could have been. Sure, it's nice if you need a large screen but most buyer's will probably end up wanting more.
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  • Large Multi-touch Compatible Display
  • Blu-ray Drive


  • No HDMI Input
  • Relatively Small Hard Drive
  • Fair Amount of Fan Noise


  • Intel Pentium Dual-Core E5400 Dual Core Desktop Processor
  • 4GB PC2-6400 DDR2 Memory
  • 320GB 7200rpm SATA Hard Drive
  • Blu-ray Reader and Dual Layer DVD Burner Combo Drive
  • 24" WUXGA (1920x1080) Multi-Touch Display And NVIDIA GeForce G210M 512MB Graphics
  • Intel HDA Audio With 5.5W Stereo Speakers
  • Gigabit Ethernet, 802.11b/g/n Wireless, Bluetooth
  • Five USB 2.0, FireWire, 3-in-1 Card Reader, 1.3MP Webcam
  • 22.9" x 16.9" x 7.4"
  • Windows 7 Home Premium, Works, VAIO Suite, Norton Internet Security

Guide Review - Sony VAIO VPC-L111FX/B 24-inch All-In-One Desktop PC

Jan 14 2010 - Sony's VAIO VPC-L111FX/B is their new line of larger touchscreen based all-in-one computers that offers some compelling features but lacks enough smaller features that it falls into the middle of the pack for media enabled all-in-ones. With a $1299 price tag, it certainly is a good price for the overall size of the display.

The big feature of the VAIO VPC-L111FX/B is the 24-inch display screen that features a multi-touch interface. The screen is quite large and should be plenty for most people looking at a desktop system. The colors and bright and it features a full 1920x1080 resolution to fully support HD video. This is fairly important since Sony has included a Blu-ray compatible drive on the system for watching Blu-ray movies. Those hoping to also use this for a secondary home theater system will be disappointed to learn that it does not include an HDMI input for connecting an external cable or satellite receiver or a modern game console.

Graphics on the VAIO VPC-L111FX/B are handled by a NVIDIA GeForce G210M graphics processor. This should be able to handle processor of HD video streams just fine but is fairly limited for those hoping to use it for 3D graphics. This is a low level of graphics processor from NVIDIA and is best suited for casual 3D gaming at lower resolutions and detail levels.

Storage features are mixed on the VPC-L111FX/B. While the system comes with a Blu-ray compatible drive for watching Blu-ray movies or burning DVDs, the hard drive only comes with 320GB of total space. This is well below the average sized hard drive for all-in-ones in the price range and will limit the amount of media can be stored on the system. This forces users to add more space through external USB drives.

Performance on the VPC-L111FX/B is fairly limited. While the system does use a desktop class Pentium Dual-Core E5400 processor, it is a relatively low level of desktop class processor and it still uses the older and slower DDR2 memory. This means it should perform equally or better than most mobile processor based all-in-ones but it falls quite far behind something like the least expensive iMac in terms of computing performance.

One drawback to using a desktop processor is the level of power and heat that they generate. Generally the systems need more cooling fans or extra ventilation to deal with the problem. On the VAIO VPC-L111FX/B, this translates into a fair amount of noise from cooling fan. This can be exacerbated when it is set on a hard surface as the case transmits the vibrations.

Overall, the Sony VAIO VPC-L111FX/B is a decent system for those looking at a large screen all-in-one with the capability for playing back Blu-ray movies. Just don't expect it to do much more for other media sources or a higher level of overall computing power against similarly priced units.

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User Reviews

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 3 out of 5
SONY VAIO VPCL118FG, Member wunderdogs

This machine has slightly different specs than the VPC-L111FX/B in that the HD is 500 gig. Probably they are selling slightly different models in the US and UK than Australia. Nevetheless I read everything I could about it before I bought it, realizing it was limited by not being able to connect to a second monitor through lack of a HDMI connection. I also noted and agree it can be annoyingly shiny so you need to light the room carefully. It is also one of those screens where you can't see it properly from some angles so if you want to use it as a TV you need to set up the position carefully. As a touchscreen, it collects fingerprints very easily. I had thought I may use it a bit like a smartboard for my tuition business so the touch option appealed to me. I noted that it doesn't have dual TV tuners and thought I didn't really need that but the reviewers are right, once you've used that feature you want it so you can watch something and record something else. I have a Sony Handy Camera and the Adobe Elements Software can't handle the codec for it so that is ridiculous. Much of the bundled software is trial stuff that you would pay more on line for the unlock keys than you would if you bought it off the shelf. I don't get it. Why do they bother? Are people really that stupid? I bought Pinnacle Studio (for video) and it seems to run fine. But if you are hoping to have something that runs straight out of the box you may be dissappointed. Mine broke down within 10 days with a faulty drive, but not before I had spent countless hours loading software. Sony Australia was not great, gave me the wrong phone number of their repair service! However the store was fantastic and checked it quickly and sent it back to Sony. They gave me a choice to refund, exchange for something else or replace. I replaced it and went through all the same but with a little more care to save and back-up and set restore points before I loaded anything new. It did crash and maybe due to loading Skype. It took some number of restarts but the restore eventually worked and I haven't added anything new since. It has been quite stable.( For about 6 weeks.) The web cam seems to work quite well and the sound is quite acceptable though I go out through bigger speakers anyway. It worked out the wireless connections (Belkin Router) and network printer (Brother MFC series) quickly and easily. The Bluetooth works straight up too which is more than I can say about my last computer. (expensive Toshiba Qosmio more like a heater than a computer) I've used it with Word, Print Shop (Broderbund), Browsing, E-mail, the supplied web cam stuff (Arcsoft) and Virtual Mechanics Site Spinner Webpage software. I got errors with that program but managed a work around anyway. I am hoping it will work well with Cakewalk Producer but I haven't got to that yet. I've burnt a few discs from files and I don't like it when you have the windows software and some other bundled program competing with each other. Ejected a lot of blank discs telling me to put in a blank disc. It's not streamlined seamless operation. I read someone had trouble getting theirs to sleep and mine seems to be similar. If you have to close every program before that works properly it seems like a fairly pointless thing. It goes to sleep but seems to wake up regularly on its own. (Too much coffee?) I figure this machine will do most of what I want it to do and I am not unhappy with it because I am a patient man, but only just. I am glad I got extra warranty with it and you shouldn't consider anything without a long warranty at this stage. Chances are you will need it. In fact, there isn't a lot of competition for a large screen all in one with touch capability. HP (slow processer), Dell (only19 inch is no competition) and ACER which still doesn't have all the features. It's a bit annoying these days that they never give you a written manual and not even a picture with labels for each part. I missed the button on the back which you have to push to synchronise the mouse and you can't find anything about this in the on-line PDF info. I called Sony and they were clueless. They said they'd call me back and they never did so support here in Australia doesn't have their act together. Sad to say. You would and should expect better from Sony. I would buy this machine again but only just and the Mac is calling my name as they do give you some useful software such as web publishing stuff. Next update might see me cross the platform finally. Would I recommend this machine ? Gee it's hard but I'd have to say wait till they give you the extra tuner, larger drive,think about if you care about touchscreen functions (and I'd think most people at this point don't) and blueray (I haven't ever used it). And if you really can wait a bit longer, you will get better. Myself I needed an update and Windows 7 is substantially better for people like me who have been hanging on to XP as at least it was reasonable rather than going through the other terrible versions between. The big tax break was an influence on my timing. So I think if you don't really need a machine right now wait. Sony is fair but not brilliant.

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