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A collection of articles to help consumers shopping for a new personal computer or monitor. Whether it is for a laptop or a desktop, these articles will help in determining just exactly what you need so you don't end up with something too slow or with too many features.
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Tablets are the hot new mobile computing item. They offer extreme portability and excellent battery life. Primary uses including media watching, e-reader and general internet connectivity for browsing the web and email. It is a fairly new market segment that is changing rapidly. While they haven't quite replaced the need for a laptop or desktop PC, they are getting closer to this level thanks to cloud computing for storing media and applications. If you are considering picking one up, be sure to check my various guides to help narrow your options down.

Laptop Computers

Laptop Computer

Laptop computers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The original intent was for them to be a computer system that could be easily transported and used while on the road. Most notebooks still fit in this category, but more and more systems are coming out that are really just integrated units for use in the home. No matter what type of laptop PC you are looking for, be sure to check out the guides to try and help determine what you need before you buy.

Desktop Computers

Desktop PC

The desktop is the traditional style of personal computer system that has stood the test of time. Of course, there is much more variety to desktop systems than the plain beige boxes of the early years. With a variety of different components that make up a PC, it can be difficult to figure out exactly what you need. These guides help to try and clarify all the different aspects of a desktop to help users get what they need and not overspend or get too little.

Computer Monitors

LCD Monitor

If you happen to purchase a desktop computer, you will need a computer display to go with it in order to use the system. Screens come in a variety of sizes and resolutions depending upon users budgets and needs. But how do you know what to look for in a monitor? What makes one screen better than the other? These articles will help users to understand what all those marketing terms mean so that you can find the right type of monitor to fit with your desktop or even notebook computer.

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