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Arctic Cooling Silencer NV5 Rev. 3

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Arctic Cooling Silencer NV5 Rev. 3

Arctic Cooling Silencer NV5 Rev. 3

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The Bottom Line

For those people who have an extremely hot computer case due to a GeForce 6800/7800 graphics card and don't want to use liquid cooling, the Arctic Cooling Silencer NV5 Revision 3 can significantly reduce noise and temperatures.
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  • Extremely Easy Installation Process
  • Very Low Noise Operation
  • Reduced Video Card and Case Temperatures


  • Takes Up Two Card Slots
  • Unable to Work with Most SLI Motherboard and Video Card Combinations
  • Thermal Tape For Back RAM Plate Has Poor Stickiness


  • Ceramic Bearing and Shaft Fan for High Service Life
  • Extremely Low Noise Operation
  • Copper Primary Plate With Aluminum Fins
  • Ducted Fan to Pull Air Over Heatsink and Out of Case (Direct Heat Exhaust System)
  • Includes Aluminum Back Plate for Rear Memory Chip Cooling
  • Pre-Applied Thermal Tape and Paste
  • Easy Installation Process
  • 6-Year Warranty

Guide Review - Arctic Cooling Silencer NV5 Rev. 3

11/07/05 – The Arctic Cooling Silencer NV5 Revision 3 is designed to replace the heatsink found on GeForce 6800 and 7800 graphics cards. These cards tend to run very hot such that the factory coolers turn at very high spin rates to move enough air over them. The Silencer NV5 is designed to provide improved cooling over the default coolers while also reducing the amount of noise generated by the video card.

Installation is very straightforward and easy to do. In fact, removing the existing cooling solution from the graphics card will probably the most difficult part. There was one problem with installing the aluminum heatsink plate on the back graphics card memory with the supplied thermal tape. The tape does not hold very well and the plate fell off, so testing was done without with back plate.

Testing was conducted with a GeForce 7800GTX graphics card compared to the stock cooler running at idle and after an hour of intense 3D graphics with video card, case and CPU temperatures recorded. At idle, the Silencer NV5 Rev. 3 reduced temperatures roughly 5° C while at load it ranged from around 8 to 10°C cooler. The case and CPU temperatures also ran roughly 3°C cooler thanks to the hot air blowing out of the computer case.

Overall the Arctic Cooling Silencer NV5 Rev. 3 board did an extremely good job at reducing temperatures and noise on the GeForce 7800GTX graphics card. This could also help for those looking to overclock their graphics card.

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