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Antec Aria

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Antec Aria SFF Case

Antec Aria SFF Case

Mark Kyrnin

The Bottom Line

The Antec Aria is a good alternative for those looking to make a personalized small form factor system as long as you can live with some of the drawbacks.
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  • Compatible with Standard MicroATX Motherboards
  • Layered Side Panels Help Noise Reduction
  • Included 8-in-1 Card Reader


  • Power Supply Position Limits Cooling Options
  • No Floppy Drive Slot
  • Poor Wire Management


  • Low Profile Small Form Factor Design (Dimensions: 7.9"h x 10.6"w x 13.2"d)
  • Aluminum Composite Construction
  • Accepts Standard MicroATX Motherboards
  • Four Full Size PCI Slots
  • 300W Active PFC Power ATX12V Supply with 120mm Cooling Fan
  • Removable Drive Cage That Holds One 5.25" and Three 3.5" Drives
  • Front Mounted 8-in-1 Card Reader and Two USB 2.0, Two IEEE1394 and Two Audio Ports
  • Includes Rounded Antec Cobra IDE Cable
  • Cyclone PCI Slot Blower

Guide Review - Antec Aria

6/3/04 - Small form factor systems have become very popular over the last year, lead by the success of Shuttle and their XPC systems. But many people may not be happy with the existing kits and would rather design their own system. Antec has answered this call with the new Aria case.

The Aria is a bit larger than most SFF systems, but that is because the Aria is designed to fit any standard mATX motherboard. This extra space allows for additional drive space and card slots. It can hold a total of 3 3.5" drives and a 5.25" drive. In addition, there are 4 card slots available in the case.

The Aria is part of the Antec Lifestyle series of cases that are designed for low noise operation. The Aria has a few designs to assist with reducing noise. Most prominent of these is the single 120mm fan that cools both the power supply and the case. The more unique feature is the layered side and top panels that sandwich a noise dampening material between two layers of aluminum. During testing it helped reduce the noise, but not eliminate it entirely.

Inside the system, things are not as organized. The power supply has an odd shape to it in order to fit the 120mm fan. This leaves a small amount of space for any heatsinks that might need to be installed on the CPU. In addition, the unsheathed power cables and number of internal wires can make wire management difficult.

This system is better recommended to experienced system builders due to its complex cabling and component locations.

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