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Seasonic SS-560KM X560 560W Desktop PC Power Supply

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Seasonic X560 SS-560KM 560W Desktop Power Supply

Seasonic X560


The Bottom Line

Jun 8 2011 - Stable high wattage power supplies that also run very quietly are not easy to generally find. Seasonic's SS-560KM X-560 offers a solid option for those looking at running a higher performance systems without going overboard in terms of wattage. It provides extremely stable voltages and an excellent 80Plus Gold certification. It is fully modular with cables that are long enough to deal with taller desktop cases. It even will run completely silent when power usage is low. The big drawback though is that this is a fairly expensive power supply given its modest 560 Watt power rating.


  • Very Stable Voltages
  • High Efficiency Rating
  • Long Primary Power Cables For Taller ATX Cases


  • Expensive
  • PCI-Express Cables Not Hooked To Graphics Card Will Cause It To Not Power Upper


  • ATX12V 2.3 / EPS 12V v.91 Compliant With 20/24-Pin Primary And 4/8-inch 12V Modular Power Connectors
  • 560 Watt Combined Load Output
  • Two PCI Express 8/6 Pin Modular Power Connectors
  • Modular Power Cables With A Combined Total of Eight SATA and Five 4-Pin Molex Connectors Plus Dual Folly Connector Adapter
  • 120mm Sanyo Denki Cooling Fan With Silent Operation Under 20% Load
  • 80Plus Gold Certification
  • Five Year Warranty

Guide Review - Seasonic SS-560KM X560 560W Desktop PC Power Supply

Jun 8 2011 - Seasonic is a well known brand for those looking at high performance and silent running power supplies. The X-Series line of power supplies are designed for high performance desktop systems with a few twists on X560 compared to the traditional X-series design.

The most notable of this is a silent running mode whenever the load of the power supply is below 20%. This means that for low power consumption operation, the cooling fan shuts down to make it silent. It is a nice bonus but it does mean temps get a bit higher during low power situation than if the fan were running. Once the system does reach over 20% the fan kicks in to start cooling it down but it still does a very good job at running at very low noise levels that are well below most CPU coolers, case fans or graphics cards. Seasonic even puts a note on the power supply when the packaged is open to call this feature out.

Seasonic's SS-560KM offers a full modular cable design unlike past popular series such as the M12II that used fixed primary power cables. In addition, Seasonic has increased the length of the ATX12V and EPS 12V cables which is great news for anyone with a mid-tower with lower power supply install or a full size tower case. The two cables measure 600mm for the ATX12V and 650 for the CPU cable. Even the PCI-Express cables are a length7 600mm which can be a bit long for many installations but they do supply a number of cable ties to help with organization. It should be noted that those looking to route the PCI-Express graphics cables without connecting them will encounter a power-up issue. If either of these cables is not attached to a graphics card, the power supply will not turn on.

While most power supplies have gone to multiple 12V rails to try and increase stability to power supplied to power hungry components such as graphics cards, Seasonic has stuck with a traditional single 12V rail. Surprisingly, this design actually does an outstanding job with some of the best voltage tolerances I have seen in a desktop power supply. Voltage fluctuations on the various 3.3V, 5V and 12V rails all fell within 2% of expected output. The 560 Watt rating is high enough for supporting a high powered card such as the Radeon HD 6970 but falls a bit short of NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 580. Like all of the other current X series modules, the X560 is certified as 80Plus Gold

Probably the biggest issue that buyers will have with the Seasonic X-560 is the cost. With street pricing around $125, this is certainly much more expensive than more mainstream options that can be found for under $100. This extravagance is detailed with included items such as a velvet bag that encases the power supply within the shipping box and a vinyl bag to help keep the modular cables organized when not in use. Thankfully, the extra cost provides one of the most power stable mid-range power supplies on the market that comes with fully modular cables and runs very quiet.

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