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Ultra Products UV CCFL Lights and UV Reactive Fan

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Ultra Products UV Light Tubes and UV Rea

Ultra Products UV Light Tubes and UV Reactive Fan

Mark Kyrnin

The Bottom Line

Those looking for a unique look to the interior of their desktop computer case can generate an eerie glow with UV reactive cabling and fans and the Ultra Products UV Light Kit and Reactive Fan.


  • Includes PCI Slot Cover On/Off Switch
  • Produces Strong Even Light Coverage


  • Limited Installation Instructions
  • Could Have Improved Mounting Hardware
  • Length of Wires on UV Tubes Limits Installation Locations


  • Dual 12" UV (Ultraviolet) Cold Cathode Flourescent Light Tubes
  • PCI Slot Power Switch Bracket
  • Voltage Inverter with 4-pin Molex Power Connector
  • 80mm UV Reactive (Blue) Cooling Fan

Guide Review - Ultra Products UV CCFL Lights and UV Reactive Fan

9/27/04 - Case modifications has become a major industry for PC accessory manufacturers. A wide range of colored lights and cables are available to suit just about every taste. Ultra Products sells a line of UV light tubes and accessories to help brighten up that interior without the sharp harsh colored lighting of standard CCFLs.

Overall, the light tubes provide a very strong UV light coverage which can produce a very even glow with the proper UV cabling and fans. The two tubes can help increase the overall coverage of the light to give greater coverage. One of the major key points for the UV light tubes is the inclusion of a PCI slot bracket on/off switch. This is a benefit over many kits that provide large switches that either have to be ignored or require cutting of the case to fit.

While the kit overall is good, there are a few problems with the kit that can limit the installation of the tubes. First, the tubes only come with double side tape. This can cause problems trying to place the voltage inverter box inside of the case without additional tape or just laying in on the bottom of the case. The instructions for the installation are also minimal and just printed on the back side of the box. Finally, the power cords for the light tubes to the inverter are very short which can limit the distance that the tubes can be mounted from the power supply.

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