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Ultra Products X-Connect 500W Modular ATX PSU

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Ultra Products X-Connect 500W Modular Po

Ultra Products X-Connect 500W Modular Power Supply

Mark Kyrnin

The Bottom Line

Those looking for a strong 500W power supply or just for a unit that doesn't have stray cables bundled all over the interior of their desktop case would be well advised to look at the Ultra Products X-Connect line of modular power supplies.
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  • Modular Cabling To Provide Cleaner Case Interior
  • Connectors For Cables Flush on Power Supply
  • Strong Steady Voltage on All Rails


  • PSU Connector Covers Tend to Fall Off
  • Serial ATA Cables Not Standard


  • 500W ATX v2.03 Compliant Power Supply
  • Modular Cable Design to Allow For Only the Cables Required
  • Shielded UV Cables including ATX Power, ATX12v Power and Various Molex Based Cables
  • Accessory Y-Cable Serial ATA Power Cable
  • High-Gloss Mirror Titanium Finish (Other Colors Available)
  • Dual Low-Noise 80mm Cooling Fans
  • Short Circuit, In-rush Current and Overload Protection

Guide Review - Ultra Products X-Connect 500W Modular ATX PSU

9/27/04 - Trying to fit many power supplies into a mid-sized tower case can be very difficult due to the sheer number of wires running off the power supply. Ultra Products offers a solution to this problem with its innovative X-Connect modular power supply.

The X-Connect differs from the standard ATX power supply by not having the wires fixed to the back of the unit. Instead, a series of connectors resides flush on the power supply. This allows users to only use the number of cables they require from the power supply to the computer motherboard and other components. Ultra provides a nice range of high quality UV reactive cables that should connect to most internal components inside the computer system.

So how does the X-Connect perform? During testing, the voltage levels were very close to the ATX specifications. Fluctuations were minimal even during heavy computer usage. With its 500W continuous power rating and a very sizable wattage limit for the 12v lines, the X-Connect should have more than enough power for even the most power hungry of computer users.

Construction quality of the X-Connect is very high. The unit comes in several different colors all with a mirror like finish that adds a distinctive touch to a computer interior. The UV shielded cables are very well built allowing for easy installation and removal from components.

Overall, the X-Connect makes for an excellent power supply for the power or casual user and those with limited interior computer space.

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