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SilenX iXtrema Pro Quiet Cooling Fans

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SilenX iXtrema Pro Cooling Fan

SilenX iXtrema Pro Cooling Fan

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The Bottom Line

Those looking to redcuce the fan noise in their computer case should take a close look at the SilenX line of cooling fans.


  • Very Low Noise
  • Includes Silicone Fan Mounts
  • Good Air Flow Rates


  • Power Lead Wires Very Thin
  • Not Suited for Overclocked Environments


  • 120mm, 92mm, 80mm, 60mm and 40mm Fan Sizes
  • Forward Sweeping Fan Blade Design
  • Reduced Motor Size
  • Includes Silicone-Composite Fan Mounts
  • 3-Pin Fan Header with 3-Pin to 4-Pin Molex Adapter
  • Rated at 8 to 14 dBA Depending Upon Speed and Size

Guide Review - SilenX iXtrema Pro Quiet Cooling Fans

11/3/05 – A quick look at the SilenX iXtrema Pro fans will not necessarily make them look very different from any other case fan. There are a few key design elements that allow them to have fairly high flow rates while reducing the noise and spin rates of the fan. The most notable of these is the blade design. Rather than a straight fan blade, the iXtrema Pro blades are swept forward to help increase the airflow without ramping up the rotation rate. The size and shape of the motor has also been reduced to help increase the amount of space for air to flow through.

Overall, the SilenX fans did work extremely well for reducing noise without reducing the overall cooling performance of the fans. In general, the difference in the noise levels between the lower 11dBA and the higher 14dBA fan were pretty much inaudible. As a result, most people should probably look at getting the higher 14dBA fans for the best cooling performance. The lower rate fans are suited for those truly looking for the lowest noise levels possible.

It should be noted that the goal of the fans is really to reduce noise and not improve overall cooling performance. As a result, the fans are not well suited for those looking at doing major overclocking. In extremely hot environments, the fans may struggle to keep up the same performance as extremely high speed fans that produce a higher rate of air flow at the disadvantage of extreme noise.

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