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Lian-Li PC-V1100B Silent Aluminum PC Case


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Case Accessories
Included Accessories for the PC-V1100B Case

Included Accessories for the PC-V1100B Case

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Every case comes supplied with various screws and fasteners to attach the motherboard, drives and peripheral cards to the case. Generally this is just a box or bag of screws that fit the various components to the case. Lian-Li goes above this when providing the accessories for the PC-V1100B.

The screws for the case are separated into different bags. For example, one bag contains the screws to be used to mount the hard drives into the rail system in the case. This is useful to the builder so they don't have to dig through a bag looking for that one type of screw.

Another item that is a big plus is the small nut driver included. This tool is used to install the standoffs to the case for the motherboard. It actually is quite important that Lian-Li include the driver as the standoffs are a slightly different size from the standard.

Several zip ties and two plastic cable management loops are packaged with the case to help users route cables through the case. This actually is beneficial as the case can get very tight in spots and the ability to tie down cables can really help.

Finally, a set of four rubber wheel treads is included to give the wheels traction on smooth surfaces.

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