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Lian-Li PC-V1100B Silent Aluminum PC Case


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Case With Components Installed
Case with Full Components Installed

Case with Full Components Installed

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One of the hardest things to determine when looking at a case is what it will look like once all of the components are installed. This can often show flaws in a design that are not quite apparent without the items installed. So here we have the case loaded with a fully loaded configuration. Inside the case are two Serial ATA hard drives, DVD burner, floppy drive, power supply, motherboard, CPU and heatsink, memory and two graphics cards.

Overall the upper portion of the case is very wide open and easy to access. Items such as the processor and memory can often be obscured in standard ATX cases by power supply cables or drive cages. Even the power cables were really easy to route up and into the motherboard. The problem is the distance from some of the cables. The locations are different due to the case design and made it so the FireWire cable and several fan headers can't reach the headers on the motherboard. This of course will vary depending upon the motherboard.

During operation of the computer system with the case cover on, the airflow problems for the upper portion become quite evident. The front 5 1/4” drive panels under the door became very warm to the touch and the bottom of the DVD burner was almost hot to the touch. This was due to the lack of airflow from the front towards the back. This could make the case a poor choice for overclocking or very hot components.

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