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PC Gifts for the Apple Computer Enthusiast

A Selection of PC Related Products For Apple Computer Users


Nov 19 2013 - Apple computer users tend to be fiercely loyal to their computers and the company that makes it. This makes giving a computer gift a bit more challenging but thankfully there are a wide range of peripherals and accessories for Apple's products. Here are some various ideas for gifts one can give to an Apple computer user.

iPad Air

Apple iPad Air
Apple pretty much created the tablet market with their original iPad release just four years ago. Since then, the market has exploded but Apple is still clearly a leader thanks to their constant updates. The new iPad Air is revolutionary in several ways but most people will just not that it is so smaller and light. Weighing just one pound and .29-inches thick it is nearly as small as some 8-inch tablets but with a full  9.7-inch screen. Performance is also impressive thanks to its new 64-bit processor but it still offers really long running times. It is available in white or space grey colors with the 16GB Wi-Fi version starting at $499.

Apple TV

Apple TV

Streaming media services continue to grow in popularity thanks to the cable providers continuing to increase prices. The Apple TV product has been around for some time now but thanks to a few software updates, it still offers one of the better streaming box experiences and priced at just $99. The best part is that it fully supports AirPlay from Apple's computers and iOS devices for streaming media directly to your TV. Your iOS devices can also act as the remote.

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Apple USB SuperDrive

Apple USB SuperDrive
Apple made no secret of the fact that they think that the age of optical storage particularly for movies is long past. They have slowly been removing optical drives from pretty much every one of their computer systems. This can be a problem if you happen to own an Apple computer but would still like to either play your older DVDs and CDs or just import your old media into your computer for archiving. Thankfully Apple does sell a nice USB based DVD burner that can work off a single USB port available in some of their systems. Price is relatively expensive at $79 but it does feature that aluminum styling that matches Apple's products.

iTunes Store Gift Cards

Whether they are using an Apple computer, iPod, iPhone or iPad, an iTunes gift card can be used in so many ways with Apple's products. The gift card gives credit to the recipients iTunes account that can be used to purchase music, videos and even apps for their various devices. A variety of card designs and denominations including $15, $25, $50 and $100 are available. Always a good fall back gift idea.

Apple Time Machine

Apple Time Machine
With the introduction of the new 802.11ac or 5G WiFi in their computer products, Apple decided to redesign their AirPort Extreme and Time Machine products to upgrade them to use the new wireless networking standards. The new tower design also promises to improve range and performance of the wireless network. The Time Machine versions include a 2TB or 3TB hard drive in them for automatic backups of Apple's Mac OSX based computers for one of the easiest backup solutions on the market. Priced at $299 for the 2TB model.

Thunderbolt Display

Apple ThunderBolt Display
Apple's only display product now is the Thunderbolt display and many were surprised it did not receive an update because of the upcoming Mac Pro redesign. This 27-inch display uses the same LCD panel found in the 27-inch iMac that provides a 2560x1440 resolution and uses very little energy thanks to the LED backlight. The panel comes only with a Thunderbolt port for video input and is essentially a reworked version of the previous DisplayPort version of the 27-inch LED Cinema Display. This is compatible with older laptops using the mini-Displayport but older DVI equipped Macs will require an adapter cable. The display also features a three port USB 2.0 hub, FireWire 800 port and Gigabit Ethernet for easily tying all these into the display rather than your laptop. Finally, there is a MagSafe power connector for plugging into your Apple laptop to charge. The price is pretty high though at $999.

Wireless Keyboard

Apple Wireless Keyboard
Pretty much every Apple computer built comes built-in with a Bluetooth wireless adapter. This is perfect for use with Bluetooth peripheral devices to keep down the wire clutter on the desktop. The Apple Wireless Keyboard takes on an ultra-thin profile with aluminum casing found on its entire product line. This is a great item to add to any of the desktop units but is also useful to those looking to use a laptop in a desktop environment with an external keyboard. It can even be used as a full keyboard for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch instead of the virtual keyboards. The only real drawback to the keyboard design is the lack of a numeric keypad. Prices are around $70.

Stereo Speakers

Bose Companion 2 Series III
While most of the Apple computer products have built-in audio, they tend to still leave room for improvement due to their limited size. A set of external stereo speakers can help enhance the audio experience of Apple's computer. The Bose Companion 2 are a set of compact stereo speakers that won't take up much space but have very good audio. Since it runs off a standard headphone jack for input, they can also be used with an iPod, iPad or iPhone. Best part is that it has two sets of inputs so you can use it with your computer but switch over to another device if you feel like it. Price is around $100.

Magic TrackPad

Apple Magic Trackpad
Like using a trackpad instead of a mouse? Never fear, Apple has released a trackpad that can be used with any computer via a Bluetooth interface. The design is similar to their wireless keyboard design with the majority of the surface taken up by a multitouch trackpad surface. With various gestures, it is possible to execute specific commands within the Mac OSX software. This is probably less useful for laptop users and best suited to compliment the wireless keyboard for iMac, Mac Pro or Mac mini users that don't already have one. Pricing is around $70.
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