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Selection Of Computer Related Gift Lists


Looking for a computer related present for someone these holidays? Check out this collection of gift guides and product lists to find the perfect laptop, desktop, monitor or PC related product.
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Mobile Computers

Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13

Laptops are the most popular style of computers today. There are a wide range of options from highly portable to extreme performance on par with desktop classed workstations. If you are considering a laptop for a holiday gift, check out what models I think are currently the best available in a variety of different sizes and uses.

Desktop Computers

Dell XPS One 27

While laptops offer portability, desktops offer a greatly level of performance per dollar. They make excellent systems for those that need to do heavy graphics work, gaming or just want the ability to upgrade their PC which isn't an option for most laptops. Below are some list of the best desktops available for various prices, styles and uses.



A monitor is a critical piece of equipment for a desktop system and a nice way to get a larger screen when using a laptop in a frequent location. LCD screens have become very affordable over the years making them a nice way to upgrade both desktops or laptops. Below are lists of some of the best screens based on their size.

Desktop Upgrades

Samsung 840 EVO SSD

Know someone that has a desktop? Is it getting a bit behind in age and performance? Then maybe an upgrade will help boost its performance or capacity. There are a variety of different upgrades for various parts. Be sure to verify that any upgrades will work before you purchase them though.

Gifts By User Type

Intuos Pen and Touch

Not exactly sure what type of computer gift might be best for the recipient? Then check out these suggestions based upon how the recipient users their computer. Whether they are gamer, artist, child or traveler, you will be able to find something from these lists for them.

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