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Intel Core i3-3225 Desktop Processor

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Intel Core i3-3225

Intel Core i3-3225

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The Bottom Line

Feb 11 2013 - The Intel Core i3-3225 is essentially the same processor as the i3-3220 but with the Intel HD Graphics 4000. General computing performance is identical and more than enough for the average usage. The better graphics help greatly with Quick Sync applications but it still isn't something to consider for 3D gaming. This means it fills a very small niche in the market for those looking specifically for media encoding acceleration as other buyers would be better off saving some and getting the i3-3220 or spending a bit more for a Core i5 quad core processor.


  • Faster HD 4000 Graphics Processor
  • Very Low Energy Consumption


  • Graphics Performance Really Impact A Small Set of Users
  • Better Value Options Available From Both AMD and Intel Depending Upon Intended Use


  • Intel Ivy Bridge Dual Core Processor
  • 3.3GHz Clock Speed (No Turbo Boost)
  • 3MB L3 Cache
  • Intel HD Graphics 4000 Integrated Graphics Core (650MHz to 1.05GHz Clock Speed)
  • Supports 64-bit Extensions, Hyper-Threading, VT-x Virtualization
  • 22nm Lithography
  • 55W Max TDP
  • Processor Heatsink and Fan Included
  • Three Year Warranty

Review - Intel Core i3-3225

Feb 11 2013 - Intel's Core i3-3225 is one of the latest from the company for those looking at a lower tier Ivy Bridge desktop processor. The big difference between this and the previous i3-3220 is that this processor features the Intel HD Graphics 4000 compared to the HD 2500 of the i3-3220. Both of the processors feature the same basic features including a 3.3GHz clock speed and Hyper-Threading support.

Now the Core i3-3225 is a dual core processor but supports Hyper-Threading to allow four processing threads for applications. Most users and programs that they use are still not optimized for use of more than two threads or cores. Because of this, performance is often more than enough for the average user. In fact, in some raw performance testing, the Core i3 can pull just under twenty-five less performance than a Core i5-2500K that has a base speed of 3.3GHz with four dedicated processor cores and no Hyper-Threading. In fact, gaming with a dedicated graphics processor can be just as smooth as a quad core processor and any difference will only really be seen when the game is CPU limited rather than graphics limited.

Since this is not a K series of processor, The Core i3-3220 is restricted from being overclocked. This may disappoint those looking for high performance from an Intel processor under $150. In fact, the AMD alternative at this price point is the AMD A10-5800K which offers four dedicated cores and a higher 3.8GHz clock speed plus the ability to be overclocked. Even with the extra cores and higher clock speed, the Intel processor offers a better overall performance level in most tasks including gaming if you have a dedicated graphics processor. It is only the 3D performance with the integrated graphics cores where the Core i3 really falls behind due to the limitations of its graphics. At least it is very energy efficient at just 55 Watts.

With a price of about $20-$30 more than the Core i3-3220, the i3-3225 fills a small niche category. The higher performance Intel HD Graphics 4000 does offer improved 3D performance but it still doesn't have the breadth of functionality when it comes to accelerating non-3D applications. In fact, it is buyers who plan to do desktop video work that are on a tight budget that will likely opt for this processor. The HD Graphics 4000 offers improved performance with Quick Sync compatible applications like Cyberlink Media Espresso that will allow it to encode HD video faster than the i3-3220. The problem is that this is a very limited set of applications that can use this feature. Still, if you are using such applications, you can see a twenty to fifty percent improvement in encoding speeds over the i3-3220 which may be worth the slight bump in price.

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