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Acer Aspire AS8940G-6865 Desktop Replacement Laptop PC

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Acer Aspire AS8940G-6865 18.4-inch Desktop Replacement Laptop PC

Acer Aspire 8940


The Bottom Line

Jan 18 2010 - Acer's Aspire AS8940G-6865 offers a surprisingly fast performance system with a large number of features at an affordable price. For just $1350, the system comes with a quad core processor, Blu-ray drive, large 18.4-inch display and a decent battery life. The systems excellent media features are marred by the fact that Acer didn't include Blu-ray playback software. The graphics are also suitable for 3D gaming but not as powerful as other options out there. Still, it is a solid choice for those looking at an affordable performance laptop.


  • Excellent Performance
  • Wide Range Of Peripherals Ports
  • Spare Hard Drive Bay For Extra Internal Storage Possibilities


  • Larger And Heavier Than 17-inch Laptops
  • Lacks Blu-ray Playback Software
  • Meidocre Graphics Processor


  • Intel Core i7-720QM Quad Core Mobile Processor
  • 4GB PC3-8500 DDR3 Memory
  • 500GB 5400rpm SATA Hard Drive
  • Blu-ray Combo Reader And Dual-Layer DVD Burner Drive
  • 18.4" WUXGA (1920x1080) LED Backlit Display With 1.3 Megapixel Webcam
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTS 250M Graphics With 1GB Memory
  • Gigabit Ethernet, 802.11a/g/n Wireless
  • Five USB 2.0, eSATA, FireWire, VGA, DisplayPort, HDMI, ExpressCard/54, 5-in-1 Card Reader, Fingerprint Scanner
  • 17.3" x 11.6" x 1.7" @ 9.5 lbs.
  • Windows 7 Home Premium, Works, MediaMaker, McAfee Internet Security

Guide Review - Acer Aspire AS8940G-6865 Desktop Replacement Laptop PC

Jan 18 2010 - Acer's Aspire 8940G is a very large system due to its 18.4-inch display but it packs in a large number of features for its relatively low $1350 price tag. It may be larger than 17-inch display based laptops but it is smaller compared to many other 18-inch class laptops. The extra size allows extra space to provide a full sized keyboard with numeric keypad and media controls. It also packs some of the widest range of peripheral ports to be found in a desktop class machine including eSATA, FireWire, DisplayPort, HDMI and VGA in addition to four dedicated USB 2.0 ports.

Performance on the Aspire 8940G is extremely fast thanks to the new Intel Core i7-720QM quad core processor. This combined with 4GB of DDR3 memory allow the system to speed through very heavy applications including digital video editing and transcoding without much problem. The best part is that when not all of the cores are in use, the processor will automatically overclock the cores in use to provide solid performance in single threaded applications as well.

Storage is actually quite good on the Aspire 8940G. The system comes with a sizable 500GB hard drive spinning at 5400rpm. This isn't the fastest available but is a good balance. Their is also an empty drive bay available via the bottom access panel to add a secondary 2.5-inch SATA drive to the system for those that want more space. Another nice feature is the Blu-ray compatible optical drive. The problem is that Acer does not include a software package such as PowerDVD or WinDVD to actually playback Blu-ray movies.

The 18.4-inch display is quite large and comes with a full 1920x1080 resolution for support of 1080p HD video content. Brightness and contrast are quite good with wide viewing angles and minimal light bleed. Response times were quite good making it suitable for gaming or media. The graphics processor is a mid-ranged GeForce GTS 250M with 1GB of DDR3 memory. This is suitable for playing some games up to the 1920x1080 resolution at moderate detail levels but many modern games will need to be run at lower resolutions for smooth frame rates with high detail levels.

Battery life is generally never very good in desktop replacement laptops. With all the performance features on the Aspire 8940G, one wouldn't expect it to run for very long. The system does manage to last just over three hours though with standard usage and roughly two and a half via DVD playback which is above average for this class of laptop.

Overall, the Acer Aspire AS8940-6865 is a solid choice for those looking for a high performance desktop system that doesn't require high portability. The media features a very good save for the missing Blu-ray software. Gamers might be a bit disappointed by the graphics but it is quite functional if you don't mind playing at lower resolutions.

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