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Dell Inspiron 9100

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The Bottom Line

Dell's Inspiron 9100 desktop replacement notebook is a good alternative to their dedicated gaming notebook the XPS by offering comparable performance but at a lower price.
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  • Excellent Storage Options
  • Fast PC3200 DDR Memory
  • Fast Graphics Processor


  • Graphics Processor Limited by Lower Dedicated Memory
  • Smaller 15" Wide Screen Display
  • Above Average Price


  • Intel Pentium 4 2.8 GHz Processor
  • 512MB PC3200 DDR Memory (2GB Maximum)
  • 60GB 7200rpm Hard Drive
  • 4x DVD+R/RW Burner Optical Drive
  • 15.4" WXGA (1280x800) LCD Display and ATI Mobility 9700 Graphics with 64MB Memory
  • AC'97 Audio
  • v.92 56Kbps Modem, 10/100 Ethernet and 802.11g Wireless
  • Four USB 2.0, One FireWire and One Type II PC Card Slot
  • 14.1" x 10.8" x 2.0" @ 8.9 lbs.
  • Windows XP Home Operating System and Word Perfect Productvity Package

Guide Review - Dell Inspiron 9100

7/19/04 - Dell stormed into the gamer notebook market with its very expensive but high performance Inspiron XPS notebook. To answer consumer calls for a more afforable performance notebook, Dell introduced the Inspiron 9100 desktop replacement notebook.

The Inspiron 9100 is powered by a respectable Pentium 4 2.8GHz desktop processor. It is matched up with 512MB of PC3200 DDR memory. This gives a good performance boots to the 9100 as most desktop replacements opt for the slower PC2700 DDR memory.

Storage on the 9100 is quite impressive. Optical storage is handled by a high speed 4x DVD+R/RW. It is only limited to the + media however and cannot record to the DVD-R types. The hard drive is a respectable 60GB in size but uses the very high speed 7200rpm spindle speed. This gives the 9100 near desktop drive performance.

Graphics could use a bit of improvement on the 9100. While it does feature the very powerful ATI Mobility 9700 graphics processor, it is limited to 64MB of memory. This means the notebook can handle DirectX 9 games, but will have restricted performance due to limited memory. The 15.4" wide screen display is nice, but many competing desktop replacement notebooks use the larger 17" screens.

Rounding out the Inspiron 9100 is a decent software package. The system features the Windows XP Home operating system and comes packages with the Word Perfect productivity package. This should provide most office applications for general computing usage.

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