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Lenovo ThinkPad W700 17-inch Workstation Desktop Replacement Laptop

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Lenovo ThinkPad W700 Desktop Replacement Laptop

Lenovo ThinKPad W700


The Bottom Line

1/14/2009 - The Lenovo ThinkPad W700 is certinaly not a system that many people will be looking at for home use. This thing is designed as a mobile workstation and it is very well suited to this task. Features such as the built-in Wacom tablet and color calibration are not vital to home users but can be critical to designers on the go. The system provides outstanding performance thanks to its high end components. All of this comes with a very high price tag that will make most consumers look elsewhere.
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  • Extremely Fast Performance
  • Excellent Display With Built-In Color Calibration
  • Built-In Wacom Tablet


  • Very Expensive
  • Very Heavy Power Adapter


  • Intel Core 2 Duo T9600 Dual Core Mobile Processor
  • 4GB PC3-8500 DDR3 Memory
  • Dual 160GB 7200rpm SATA Hard Drive
  • 8x DVD+/-RW Dual Layer Burner
  • 17-inch WUXGA (1920x1200) Wide LCD Display With 1.3 Megapixel Webcam
  • NVIDIA Quadro 2700M Graphics With 512MB Memory
  • v.92 56Kbps Modem, Gigabit Ethernet, 802.11a/g/n Wireless and Bluetooth 2.0
  • Five USB 2.0, FireWire, DVI, DisplayPort, ExpressCard/34, 7-in-1 Card Reader, Fingerprint Reader, Wacom Digitizer
  • 16.1" x 12.2" X 1.6" @ 8.4 lbs.
  • Vista Business 64-bit, Roxio Creator, Roxio MyDVD, McAfee VirusScan Plus, ThinkVantage Suite

Guide Review - Lenovo ThinkPad W700 17-inch Workstation Desktop Replacement Laptop

1/14/2009 - Lenovo bills the ThinkPad W700 as a mobile workstation and it clearly shows both in terms of the features and the performance. They have clearly thought over the features that scientists, engineers or designers may need in a high performance mobile platform. Of course, all of these features come with a very high price tag that puts it well above the cost of traditional 17-inch laptops.

In terms of performance, the ThinkPad W700 has some of the best on the market. The Intel Core 2 Duo T9600 is one of the fastest on the market save Intel's new Extreme versions. This combined with the 4GB of DDR3 memory on the Intel PM45 chipset lets this system rip through just about any task that is given to it.

The display on the ThinkPad W700 is also quite unique. The high resolution 17-inch panel is one of the brightest on the market and has one of the widest color gamuts. The unique feature though is the built-in Pantone color calibration. This let's the system automatically adjust tint and brightness to give a consistent color display important to designers.

Another unique feature to the ThinkPad W700 is the Wacom digitizer tablet that is built in to the right of the standard touchpad. While relatively small compared to Wacom tablet's used on traditional desktop workstations, it adds a great level of control to designers who need to work with graphics or even engineering applications.

While the dimensions of the ThinkPad W700 are fairly typical of a 17-inch laptop, the power adapter that comes with it is another story. In order to power all the high performance features in it, it needs to be able to handle higher wattages and as such is much larger and heavier than average making the travel weight higher than normal.

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