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Mac OS X vs. Windows XP: A Performance Comparison on an Apple Mac Mini


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Introduction and Comments
Windows XP on an Intel Based Mac Mini

Windows XP on an Intel Based Mac Mini

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Last year, Apple announced that they intended to switch from using IBM's PowerPC hardware to Intel processors. This brought a lot of hope that individuals who want to run Windows and Mac operating systems on a single platform. At the release, these hopes were quickly dashed by the realization that Microsoft installers would not work.

Eventually a contest was formed to build a prize for the first person to find a reproducible method for installing Windows XP on the Mac. That challenge was completed and the results were posted to the contest providers at OnMac.net. With this now available, it is possible to compare the two operating systems to one another.

Windows XP on Mac

This article is not going to go into detail about how to get the Windows operating system installed onto an Intel based Mac computer. Those looking for that information should visit the "HOW TO" FAQ found on the OnMac.net web site. Having said that, I will make a few comments about the process and some things users should be aware of.

First, the process detailed will only produce a dual boot system. It is not possible to remove the Mac OS X entirely and solely install Windows XP on the computer system. This is still be investigated by the community. Second, the drivers for the hardware are very kludged together from other hardware vendors. Installing them can be tricky. Some items do not even having working drivers yet.

Hardware and Software

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