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HP 2310e 23-inch LCD Monitor

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HP 2310e 23-inch LCD Monitor

HP 2310e

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The Bottom Line

Oct 18 2010 - Those looking for a energy efficient and environmentally friendly display should certainly take a look at the HP 2310e display. The 23-inch panel with its LED backlit certainly consume very little energy yet still provides it with a very nice color and brightness level. The panel also has the advantage of being one of very few that support the DisplayPort connector which is useful for those wanting to use AMD's EyeFinity technology. The glossy coating of the display does have the drawback of producing a large amount of glare and reflections. If you don't necessarily need either the low power consumption or DisplayPort connector, there are less expensive options available.
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  • Consumes Very Little Energy
  • Includes DisplayPort Connector


  • Glossy Coating Very Reflective Under Certain Conditions
  • No Vesa Wall Mount Options


  • 23-inch TN Panel With 1920x1080 Native Resolution
  • 1000:1 Typical Contrast Ratio
  • 250 cd/m^2 Brightness
  • 5 ms On to Off Response Time
  • 178 Degree Horizontal and 170 Degree Vertical (Assumed)
  • 70% Color Gamut
  • DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI
  • Stand Provides Tilt Adjustment
  • Includes DVI Cable

Guide Review - HP 2310e 23-inch LCD Monitor

The display is based around a 23-inch TN technology display panel that provides a native resolution of 1920x1080. This allows the display to fully support 1080p high definition video streams. It uses a glossy coating that helps increase the brightness and color levels but has the drawback of producing some very pronounced glare and reflections under certain lighting conditions. The panel is all digital with no analog connectors. Instead it provides a DisplayPort, HDMI and DVI connector. It should be noted that this version of DVI does not support the VGA to DVI adapters.

The inclusion of the DisplayPort connector is actually a very unique feature in the market right now. While many people may not have or use this style of connector, those using AMD Radeon graphics cards that want to take advantage of the EyeFinity multiple monitor support will definitely be interested as this is pretty much a required video connector.

In terms of the actual picture, the display is very bright right out of the box. The default brightness is set to 90 but the best color balance was found to be around 70. The default color tended to be a bit higher on the green color tints. After calibrating the display, the color and brightness levels were good without the whites being washed out or the black levels being too gray.

Since HP is playing up the energy benefits of the display, I tested the power consumption of the display. In normal usage at the standard factory settings, the panel consumed 20 watts of power. After calibration, the power consumption was decreased slightly to just 19 watts. This is very low power consumption compared to traditional CCFL based monitors and it also does very well compared to other LED based panels.

The display itself is extremely thin with a minimal profile. Rather than having the display cables come at a downward angle off the back of the display, they come out directly of the back just above the stand arm. This makes connecting cables into the 2310e extremely easy. The downside to this design means that the display does not have the ability to be mounted to a wall or standard VESA display arm. This isn't an issue for many but it is something to be aware of. The stand has a very limited range of motion allowing only tilting adjustments.

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