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HP ZR24w 24-inch LCD Monitor

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HP ZR24w 24-inch LCD Monitor

HP ZR24w

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The Bottom Line

Jun 24 2010 - HP's ZR24w is a very affordable 24-inch display for those looking to do some professional graphics work. For a base price of $425, the display does a great job with a bright display with a very wide color gamut. Unlike consumer screens the anti-glare coating makes it work in a wider range of environments. About the only real issue is the lack of an HDMI input connector that is common to many consumer laptops and desktop graphics cards.
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  • Excellent Color
  • Well Priced
  • Anti-Glare Coating


  • Could Use HDMI Input
  • Display Panel Construction Feels A Bit Light


  • 24-inch S-IPS Panel With 1920x1200 Resolution
  • 1000:1 Contrast Ratio (3000:1 Dynamic)
  • 400 cd/m^2 Brightness
  • 7ms Response Time (Grey-To-Grey)
  • 178 Degree Horizontal And Vertical Viewing Angles
  • DisplayPort, DVI, VGA, 4-Port USB 2.0 Hub
  • Stand Provides Height, Tilt, Swivel And Pivot Adjustments
  • Includes DisplayPort, DVI And USB Uplink Cables

Guide Review - HP ZR24w 24-inch LCD Monitor

Jun 24 2010 - The HP ZR24w is the company's new middle sized performance computer display. The 24-inch panel uses a new S-IPS panel technology that provides it with a very wide color gamut and wider viewing angles. Rather than using the more common 16:9 aspect ratios, the panel uses the more traditional 16:10 aspect ratio for wide screen computer displays. This translates into a 1920x1200 native resolution that gives it a slight edge on most consumer oriented 24-inch displays.

While most consumer grade displays use a glossy coating to provide extremely vibrant colors, the ZR24w uses an anti-glare coating. This coating does a good job of balancing color and preventing glare or reflections. This is very important for anyone that is working with a high level of color accuracy for their work.

As with many monitors now, the ZR24w is extremely bright right out of the box. The colors are very vibrant with this level of brightness but it does cause the blacks to get a bit washed out and gray. The best balance of color and black levels was noticed when the brightness was shifted down to the 70 setting instead of 90.

In terms of color, the ZR24w does a very good job right out of the box but anyone who is doing serious graphics work will want to use a color calibration tool. In my testing with one, it shifted the colors to have more red levels and less green. This may not mean much to a consumer but it is important for any graphics professional to consider.

The biggest downside to the ZR24w is the connectors. It comes with three inputs via DisplayPort, DVI and VGA. One major interface that is missing is HDMI. This is a very common interface now for laptops and even desktops. It is certainly more prevalent than DisplayPort and it would be nice to see this included.

HP notes that the ZR24w is very green with a 85-precent efficient power adapter and 25% consumer waste. In my testing, the monitor consumers roughly 70 watts from the wall at full brightness and only 2 watts in sleep mode. The casing of the LCD panel while having a nice feel to it does feel a bit lightweight where it could have durability issues if it needs to be frequently moved. Unlike the panel's case, the stand is very sturdy with a full range of adjustments.

Invariable, the ZR24w is going to be compared to the Dell UltraSharp U2410 display. While they share similar performance in terms of color, brightness and size, the Dell does offer a few more video connector inputs including HDMI. component and composite video as well as a multi-card reader. What the HP has over the Dell though is price at just $425 and this will be an important factor for many consumers.

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