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Samsung B2330H 23-inch LCD Computer Display

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Samsung B2330H 23-inch LCD Computer Display

Samsung B2330H


The Bottom Line

Jul 16 2010 - Samsungs B2330H 23-inch display has some good things to offer but also has a few drawbacks that make it only an average choice for those looking at a 1080p capable computer display. The panel does a good job with color and has an excellent anti-glare coating. The downside is that it is a bit more expensive than the competition when it comes to 23-inch displays featuring an HDMI video input.
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  • Color Settings Required Little Adjustment
  • Nice Anti-Glare Coating
  • Audio Output Connector For Use With HDMI Sources


  • Does Not Include HDMI Cable
  • Touch Controls Are Small And Not Backlit
  • Poor Extrapolation Engine On Non-Native Resolutions


  • 23-inch TN Panel With 1920x1080 Resolution
  • 1000:1 Contrast Ratio (70,000:1 Dynamic)
  • 300 cd/m^2 Brightness
  • 5ms Response Time (Grey-to-Grey)
  • 170 Degree Horizontal and 160 Degree Vertical Viewing Angles
  • Stand Provides Tilt Adjustment
  • Includes DVI Cable, VGA Cable And Software

Guide Review - Samsung B2330H 23-inch LCD Computer Display

Jul 16 2010 - Samsung's B2330H is a budget oriented 23-inch display that tries to balance features with cost. The primary means to do this is using a TN based LCD panel in a slightly smaller 23-inch size that still supports a full 1920x1080 resolution capable of 1080p high definition video.

TN technology based LCD panels are generally not known for their high levels of color gamut. They are better known for their low cost and fast response times. In testing, the display had no issues dealing with high speed video or gaming. Color calibration also yielded strong results with only a slight drop in the panels brightness and slight increases to the green and blue levels. Without a before and after comparison though, many people probably would not notice the adjustments.

One nice aspect of the Samsung B2330H is the LCD coating. Rather than using a glossy coating as many companies are doing to improve the vividness of colors, Samsung has elected to use an anti-glare coating that does an excellent job at keeping reflections and glare to the minimum without impacting the color too greatly.

The Samsung B2330H uses a fair amount of glossy black plastics on the exterior casing including the base stand. As with most low cost displays, the stand only features a slight tilt adjustment. The bezel sizes is relatively small and not obtrusive at all. At the bottom of the panel is a set of touch sensitive controls for adjusting the screen. The buttons are a tad small and not backlit making them difficult to use in certain conditions. The onscreen menus are fairly well laid out.

For connectors, the B2330H supports both digital and analog inputs. This includes a single VGA, DVI and HDMI connector. There is also a mini-jack audio output connector for routing audio to a PC or speakers when using an HDMI video source that carries audio. One downside is that Samsung only includes VGA and DVI cables so those wanting to use the HDMI will need to supply their own cable.

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