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Best 22-inch LCD Monitors

A Selection of the Best 22-inch LCDs for a Variety of Different Tasks


Oct 28 2013 - 22-inch screens have lost much of their market due to the ever decreasing costs of the 24-inch displays. They still offer many of the same features and even resolutions as the larger panels but are slightly more compact. With this in mind, here are my selections for some of the best 22-inch LCD monitors for a variety of different uses and prices.

Best Value - Acer H226HQLbid 21.5-inch

Acer H226HQLbid 21.5-inch monitor
acer.com / Acer Inc.

There are a good number of displays that can be found for around $100 but they tend to be either older display technology or more frequently, lack HDMI which is the most common of connectors for PCs. If you want a good low cost display that features an HDMI port, the Acer H226HQLbid is a solid choice that is priced around $140. The 21.5-inch display panel offers a full 1920x1080 display resolution for full 1080p support and uses IPS technology to allow for wide viewing angles and good color. Response times are quite good such that it is suitable for PC gaming or video. Connectors include HDMI, DVI and VGA. The stand only has tilt adjustments which is typical of most monitors.

Best Overall - Dell UltraSharp U2212HM 21.5-inch

Dell U2212HM
Many companies have stopped offering the higher performance display panels in this smaller category. As a result, one of the best options is actually an older display. The Dell UltraSharp U2212HM is may have been released several years ago but it uses a very good IPS panel that offers it excellent color with wide viewing angles. Pricing is also much more affordable now at $190. Connectors include the DisplayPort, DVI and VGA connectors but not the most common HDMI. It also features a four port USB 2.0 hub. The stand offers a full range of adjustments including height, tilt, swivel and pivot.

Best Gaming - ASUS VX228H 21.5-inch

Gaming is all about the speed of the display so that it can generate a fluid image when there is fast motion on the screen. Both response times and refresh rates are critical for these. The display also features  The ASUS VX228H is a good choice thanks to its 1ms response time and 21.5-inch panel that provides it with a 1920x1080 resolution for high definition gaming. One nice feature is that it comes with two HDMI ports so that it can be used with a PC as well as a game console if you so desire. There are a pair of speakers built into it but they offer limited potential. Priced around $150.

Best Multitouch - Viewsonic TD2220 22-inch

Viewsonic TD2220
Since the release of Windows 8, the touch screen is becoming a much more important feature for navigating and using the computer. Desktops typically don't feature this but there is a growing market for touch enabled monitors. For the 22-inch screen size, the Viewsonic TD2220 offers a relatively affordable option with a price of $290. It uses the older optical technology for its multitouch technology so it isn't as fast or responsive as capacitive screens but it still works well enough for most and is much more affordable. The screen features a 1920x1080 native resolution and uses a USB connector for the multitouch interface. Video connectors include DVI and VGA. It also includes a set of 2 watt stereo speakers as well.

Best Graphics - NEC EA224WMi-BK 22-inch

©NEC Display Solutions
Graphics work requires a high level of color support. Typically, this requires more expensive technology such as IPS display panels which provides the best overall color. NEC is a name now in the high end display business for graphics work and their EA224Wi-BK is relatively affordable with a $300 price tag. The 22-inch display features a typical 1920x1080 resolution and a matte coating rather than most consumer monitors with their glossy coating. Now the color gamut is not as wide as some of the larger professional monitors because it does use a white LED backlight system that keeps energy consumption down. Video connectors include DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI and VGA. It also includes a four port USB 2.0 hub. The stand supports a full range of adjustments including height, tilt, swivel and even pivot.
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