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Samsung SyncMaster 193P 19" LCD

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Samsung SyncMaster 193P 19

Samsung SyncMaster 193P 19" LCD

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The Bottom Line

Those looking for a high end 19" LCD display that has a very sharp and brigth picture with reasonable response times would be well served by the Samsung SyncMaster 193P
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  • Clean and Bright Display
  • Extremely Well Built
  • DVI Cable Included


  • Expensive
  • Only One Input Can Be Active
  • No Mac/Linux Software for Controls


  • 19" Diagonal LCD Panel with 1280x1024 Native Resolution
  • 1000:1 Contrast Ratio
  • 178 Degree Vertial and Horizontal Viewing Angles
  • 20ms Response Time
  • 250cd/m2 Brightness
  • DVI and Analog Connectors
  • Ultra Narrow Brushed Metal Bezel and Slim Design
  • Pivoting LCD Screen with PivotPro Software
  • Buttonless Controls
  • Includes DVI Cable, DB15 Cable and Wall Mount Bracket

Guide Review - Samsung SyncMaster 193P 19" LCD

1/31/05 - Samsung is one of the world's largest manufacturer of LCD panels. While 17-inch LCD displays are fairly common now, 19-inch monitors have lagged behind due to costs and technical problems. The SyncMaster 193P is the latest 19-inch digital LCD display from Samsung that has a lot to offer.

Rather than using the traditional plastic bezels found in most LCD panels, Samsung has decided to use a brushed metal exterior on the 193P that is very small compared to many other monitors. It also uses a very slender design by providing most of the connectors and processor in the very sturdy base unit that houses the connectors.

To give an additional minimalist design element, the 193P features only a single power button on the monitor. All of the controls for color, brightness and contrast and handled through the software package. This can be a benefit for some users, but it also makes the monitor a bit harder to use with non-support operating systems such as Linux.

Overall the 193P is a very sharp and clean display. The 1000:1 contrast ratio is very apparent in the wide range of colors it can display. Things can get a tad too black in the darker colors, but this is a problem most LCD displays face. The 20ms response time is very good for a 19-inch display, but some motion blurring was noticed during action video playback. It is acceptable for video games, but some may be detracted at times.

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