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eVGA GeForce 6800 GT

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eVGA GeForce 6800 GT

eVGA GeForce 6800 GT

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The Bottom Line

While eVGA doesn't have alot of extras with its GeForce 6800 GT product, the performance of the card is more than enough for today's games and has the ability to do SLI for future performance increases with the appropriate hardware.
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  • Capable of High Resolutions with Anti-Aliasing and Anisotropic Filters
  • Dual DVI Connectors
  • Step-Up Program


  • SLI Doesn't Work With All Games


  • NVIDIA GeForce 6800 GT Graphics Processor
  • 350MHz GPU Core Clock
  • 256MB DDR3 Graphics Memory
  • 1GHz Memory Clock
  • 16x PCI Express Graphics Interface
  • Dual DVI-I Connectors
  • SLI Capable
  • Inludes Two DVI to VGA Adapters

Guide Review - eVGA GeForce 6800 GT

eVGA is very much a no frills company when it comes to its video cards, but then again, how many people need all the extra old game titles when they are typically buying the card for use with the latest and upcoming games? That is precisely what makes the eVGA GeForce 6800 GT so appealing.

The card is based upon the NVIDIA GeForce 6800 GT chipset and runs on the PCI-Express graphics bus that offers greater interface bandwidth than AGP. It features dual DVI interfaces allowing it to connect to two digital LCD monitors. It also features the SLI connector to run two cards for increased performance with the appropriate hardare.

During testing of the card with Half-Life 2, Unreal Tournament 2004 and Doom 3, the card was able to run with very acceptable frame rates at 1280x1024 with anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering enabled. Two cards configured in SLI would allow for even higher resolutions and settings for Half-Life 2 and Doom 3.

SLI compatibility with the 6800 GT is somewhat of a mixed item. The ability to add a second identical card can increase the 3D graphics performance, but there are a lot of caveats. SLI only functions if a game profile has been created by NVIDIA, and even then some games show no real world benefits.

Overall the eVGA GeForce 6800 GT offers a lot of 3D performance for high resolution and high detail settings. For a more detailed look at the card with benchmarks, please check out the full review.

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