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Dell 2005FPW 20.1" Wide Aspect LCD Monitor


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USB Connectors on the Dell 2005FPW
USB Ports on Side of 2005FPW

USB Ports on Side of 2005FPW

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As was mentioned earlier, the Dell 2005FPW includes a 4 port USB hub built into the monitor. By connecting the included USB cable from the monitor to the computer system, the monitor can have up to four USB peripherals attached to it. Two of those ports resided on the back panel with the other inputs making them difficult to reach.

In order to make some of the ports more accessible, Dell includes the other two ports on the right hand side of the monitor. These have enough accessibility to easy plug in peripherals such as digital card readers, scanners, printers or controls. The use of the ports also limits the amount of peripheral cables that would have to run to the back of the computer system.

This picture also gives us a good view of the ventilation that exists on the back panel of the 2005FPW. This is very different from the sealed design of the Apple Cinema displays. The ventilation helps cool off the internal components of the monitor, but it can also lead to dust entering into the case that can shorten the life of the components. It is very likely that the ventilation was required due to the high contrast ratio of the screen or the extra internal connectors and features.

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