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HP 2133 Mini-Note Netbook Subnotebook Laptop Computer

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HP 2133 Mini-Note Netbook Laptop

HP 2133 Mini-Note


The Bottom Line

8/20/08 - HP's 2133 Mini-Note may be designed for business but its solid design and features make it an excellent choice for anyone looking at a netbook computer. The Vista operating system may have some issues with the supplied memory, but its flexibility along with the expansion options make this a standout netbook.
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  • Superb Case and Keyboard
  • Vista Operating System
  • ExpressCard Slot For Expansion Possibilities


  • Could Use More RAM for Vista
  • Three-Cell Battery Has Limited Battery Life
  • Trackpad Is Difficult to Use


  • VIA C7-M 1.2GHz ULV Mobile Processor
  • 1GB PC2-5300 DDR2 Memory (2GB Max)
  • 120GB 5400rpm SATA Hard Drive
  • 8.9-inch WXGA (1280x768) Wide LCD with VGA Webcam
  • VIA Chrome9 Integrated Graphics
  • Gigabit Ethernet, 802.11a/b/g Wireless, Bluetooth 2.0
  • Two USB 2.0 Ports, ExpressCard/54, SD Slot
  • 10" x 6.5" x 1.1" @ 2.7 lbs.
  • Windows Vista Basic 32-bit

Guide Review - HP 2133 Mini-Note Netbook Subnotebook Laptop Computer

8/20/08 - Most of the netbooks on the market are based around Intel processors. HP has decided to take a different route with the 2133 Mini-Note by using a VIA C7-M ultra low voltage processor running a 1.2 GHz. The processor is still very underpowered compared to traditional laptop processors but it does standard productivity and internet applications without a problem. The 1GB of memory is standard for most netbooks but it could use more with the Vista operating system supplied with the unit.

Because the HP 2133 Mini-Note uses the Vista Basic operating system, it is much more flexible in terms of the applications that can be run with it. The operating system requires more storage than is possible with solid state drives. As a result, HP has packed the unit with a sizable 120GB hard drive that can hold a large number of applications and data.

One of the outstanding features of the HP 2133 Mini-Note is its case and keyboard. Rather than plastics, HP has decided to use an aluminum case. The keyboard design is also one of the best available. It keeps a traditional layout design rather than making space for certain keys. The downside to the large keyboard though is a smaller trackpad that features the buttons on either side of the pad. This makes the trackpad difficult to use.

Even though the HP 2133 Mini-Note uses a small 8.9-inch LCD display, it has one of the highest resolutions on the market with a 1280x768 pixel count. This can make it more difficult to read at time but provides a much better work surface for applications.

Another standout feature of the HP 2133 Mini-Note is the inclusion of an ExpressCard/54 slot. This allows the unit to be expanded with a wide variety of standard laptop expansion cards for tasks such as cellular broadband.

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