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Samsung NP-NC10 10.2-inch Netbook Subnotebook Laptop PC

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Samsung NP-NC10 10.2-inch Netbook Subnotebook Laptop PC

Samsung NP-NC10


The Bottom Line

Mar 2 2009 - Samsung's NC10 was the king of battery life in the netbook market until ASUS released their new Eee 1000HE. It still has incredible battery life for a netbook that can easily allow one to run for upwards of seven hours before needing to charge it. The keybaord is also 93-percent the size of a full laptop keyboard making it a joy to work on. The trackpad on the other hand is quite small and difficult to use due to the lack of a definitive edge.


  • Long Battery Life
  • Larger Well Designed Keyboard
  • Bluetooth Support


  • Tiny Trackpad Area
  • Battery Bulges Out More Than Some Newer Netbook Designs
  • A Bit More Expensive


  • Intel Atom N270 Mobile Processor
  • 1GB DDR2 (2GB Maximum)
  • 160GB 5400rpm SATA Hard Drive
  • 10.2" WSVGA (1024x600) Wide LCD with 1.3 Megapixel Webcam
  • Intel GMA 950 Integrated Graphics
  • Fast Ethernet, 802.11b/g Wireless and Bluetooth 2.0
  • Three USB 2.0, VGA, 3-in-1 Card Reader
  • 10.3" x 7.3" x 1.2" @ 2.9 lbs.
  • Windows XP Home

Guide Review - Samsung NP-NC10 10.2-inch Netbook Subnotebook Laptop PC

Mar 2 2009 - Battery life was an issue for many of the early netbook models. In order to reduce their weight and cost, manufacturers used three cell batteries that gave them roughly the same running time as a full sized laptop. Samsung was the first company to really introduce extremely long run times with a standard six-cell battery in the NC-NP10 netbook. While it isn't the longest running netbook on the market anymore, it still offers an impressive seven hour running time that easily surpasses the majority of the six cell models.

The keyboard is clearly one of the better features on the Samsung NC10 netbook. It is one of the largest available with keys 93-percent the size of a standard laptop keyboard. This along with the well laid out design make this one of the better keyboards for those who have to use the netbook for extended periods of time. The trackpad below the keyboard doesn't receive the same praise though. It is smaller due to the increased keyboard size and lacks a bezel edge to really tell the user where the trackpad ends and the case begins. This makes using it a bit awkward.

Even with the larger 10.2-inch display screen on the Samsung NC10, the netbook has relatively small overall dimensions. It is smaller than just about every other 10-inch netbook on the market save the HP Mini. The downside is that the six-cell battery pack tends to bulge out of the case a bit more than the larger netbook competitors.

Overall, the Samsung NC10 netbook is a good overall choice for someone looking for a compact unit with a long battery life and very comfortable keyboard. It may not be one of the more stylish designs on the market, but it is functional. Now Samsung just needs to get the price a little more inline with the competition.

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