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Acer Aspire Revo AR3700-U3002 Nettop PC

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Acer Aspire Revo AR3700-U3002 Nettop PC

Acer Aspire Revo


The Bottom Line

Mar 15 2011 - Acer's Aspire Revo has always been one of the more graphical capable nettop systems and the latest R3700 continues this. With its NVIDIA Ion graphics, 2GB of memory and HDMI output it offers a compelling platform for a home theater media streaming system. At $350, it is also quite affordable. The downside is that it does not feature a DVD drive for playing movies and has an awkwardly placed digital audio output.


  • NVIDIA Ion Graphics Support HD Video Playback
  • Good Price
  • Large Number of USB Ports For Small Box


  • Lacks Optical Drive
  • Digital SPD/IF Port On Front Rather Than Back


  • Intel Atom D525 Dual Core Mobile Processor
  • 2GB PC3-8500 DDR3 Memory
  • 250GB 5400rpm SATA Hard Drive
  • NVIDIA Ion Integrated Graphics
  • Intel HDA 5.1 Audio
  • Gigabit Ethernet, 802.11b/g/n Wireless
  • Six USB 2.0, HDMI, VGA, 5-in-1 Card Reader
  • 7.1" x 7.1" x 1.2"
  • Windows 7 Home Premium

Guide Review - Acer Aspire Revo AR3700-U3002 Nettop PC

Mar 15 2011 - Acer's Aspire Revo has been on the market for some time and has gone through a number of revisions. In each case, it has been based on the Intel Atom processor. In the R3700 models, it uses the Atom D525 dual core processor. This is a bit of a speed bump up from previous Atom models but not by a huge margin. Performance has been boosted more by the move to DDR3 memory and coming with 2GB rather than 1GB. This is fine for basic computing including media streaming but it isn't really meant for higher performance tasks such as video editing.

Storage on the Acer Aspire Revo R3700 is a bit disappointing. Most nettop and netbooks are hardware limited by Microsoft's Windows 7 Basic licensing. Acer uses a full Windows 7 Home Premium license so they are not bound by those restrictions. Even with this, it uses a 250GB hard drive that can be found in just about any restricted system. Other nettops are available with larger drives. To keep the compact size and the price down, Acer does not include an optical drive which is a shame as a DVD or even still a Blu-ray reader would make this a superb home theater media station. At least there are a fair number of USB 2.0 ports for adding such a drive externally.

Intel's Atom platform has never been very strong for graphics. Even their latest GMA 3150 doesn't supplied sufficient performance for even 720p high definition video playback. Acer was one of the first companies to use the NVIDIA Ion platform for a nettop. They continue to use this solution with the Revo R3700 model. This provides it with a solid level of performance for playback of high definition video up to the 1080p resolution. This makes the platform excellent as a high definition media streamer for a home theater setup. It also provides some 3D performance for some casual 3D gaming as lower resolutions.

Acer does include a wireless keyboard and mouse with the Apire Revo R3700 which for using it in a home theater environment. It would be nice for them to include a better mouse though as it does have difficulty tracking on some surfaces. One thing to note for those hooking it up to a home theater system's audio with a SPDIF connector instead of HDMI. The port is on the front which can make for odd cabling of the audio.

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