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Western Digital Caviar SE16 750GB SATA Desktop Hard Drive

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Western Digital Caviar SE16

Western Digital Caviar SE16

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The Bottom Line

The Western Digital Caviar SE16 may not have the highest storage capacity on the market, but it makes up for that with a more affordable price and strong overall performance. This is an excellent choice as a primary or secondary storage drive for those looking for good overall space, solid performance and low noise operationg.
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  • Best Price Per Gigabyte Among 750GB Hard Drives
  • Strong Overall Performance
  • Very Low Noise Operation


  • Three Year Warranty Is Good, But Doesn't Match Industry Leading Five Year


  • 750GB (698GB Formatted) Storage Capacity
  • 3.5-inch Internal Desktop From Factor
  • 7,200rpm Rotational Speed
  • 16MB Cache
  • Serial ATA 3.0 GB/s Interface
  • 8.9ms Average Read Seek Time
  • 10.9ms Average Write Seek Time
  • 28dBA/33dBA Idle/Seek Accoustics
  • Three-Year Warranty

Guide Review - Western Digital Caviar SE16 750GB SATA Desktop Hard Drive

11/17/07 – Western Digital's Caviar SE16 750GB is a very attractive SATA desktop drive in a crowded market. For those looking for a drive with lots of storage space without breaking the bank, the price per gigabyte for the Caviar SE16 is arguably the best in this drive capacity.

Testing of the Caviar SE16 750GB drive showed strong overall performance. Access times tended to fluctuate between 13 and 14ms which is slower than the specifications, but still strong for a drive in this size category. In fact, it was better than the access times for a two drive RAID 0 array with roughly the same storage capacity. Performance was strong with roughly a 80MB/s throughput which was very close to the 600GB RAID 0 array. In fact, program loading times were only slightly slower than that of the RAID 0 setup.

Noise from the drive was barely detectable during operation over the other components inside of a desktop computer system. Only the drive head movement during heavy writing sessions are really noticeable and are not distracting at all.

It is nice to see that hard drive manufacturers are increasing their warranty time frames for internal hard drives. Western Digital now provides three full years for the Caviar SE16 product lineup, but this falls a bit short of the five years provided by Seagate for their Barracuda drive lineup. Of course, the Western Digital drives are less expensive.

On the whole, the Caviar SE16 is a great balance between price, capacity and performance that make it an excellent choice for those looking to either use it as a primary system drive or for additional storage space into an existing desktop ssytem.

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