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Western Digital Raptor 150GB SATA

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Western Digital Raptor 150GB SATA Hard Drive

Western Digital Raptor 150GB SATA Hard Drive

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The Bottom Line

If storage capacity is not much of an issue compared to performance, the Western Digital Raptor 150GB is the fastest Serial ATA hard drive currently available.
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  • Extremely Fast Transfer Rates
  • Excellent MTBF and Warranty
  • Optimixed to be Used in Multiple Drive Arrays


  • Very Expensive
  • Limited Capacity Compared to Consumer Drives
  • Doesn't Use SATA 300 Interface Standard


  • 150GB Storage Capacity
  • 10,000rpm Rotation Speed
  • 16MB Cache
  • SATA 150 Interface with NCQ Support
  • 1.2 Million Hours MTBF
  • Time Limited Error Recovery for Improved RAID Performance
  • 39 dBA Idle and 46 dBA Seek
  • Serial ATA asnd Molex Power Connectors
  • 5-Year Warranty

Guide Review - Western Digital Raptor 150GB SATA

1/16/06 – Western Digital's Raptor line of hard drives is really designed as a low cost enterprise storage solution. What made the Raptor drives popular with enthusiasts on the desktop is the extremely high performance even with their low capacity. While desktop drives were climbing upwards of 500GB in a single drive, the Raptors were limited to 74GB until the release of their latest model.

The new Raptor 150GB doubles the capacity of the previous model while still using the same 10,000rpm rotational speed. The cache for the drive was also doubled to improve performance. During testing of the drive, it was able to provide roughly 71MB/s sustained transfer rates, well above other higher capacity desktop drives spinning at 7,200rpm. This puts it on par with some lower capacity ATA and SATA RAID0 drive arrays but from a single drive.

Rather than use the SATA 300 interface standard, Western Digital chose to use the more reliable SATA 150. Hard drives have yet to reach the bandwidth of the older interface. The Raptor 150GB also uses the NCQ standard to boost multiple drive performance rather than the TCQ method used by older versions and SCSI drives.

Overall, the Raptor 150GB is the fastest SATA hard drive available. While the capacity is not high, many users still don't store even this amount of data on their PCs. For those that want a little flash to the drive, the Raptor X version features a clear view of the interior platters, but does half the MTBF.

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